Google has plunged internet into ‘spiral of decline,’ Threads offers free edit function


Google has plunged the internet into a “spiral of decline”, the co-founder of the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) lab has claimed. Mustafa Suleyman, the British entrepreneur who co-founded DeepMind, said: “The business model that Google had broke the internet.” He said search results had become plagued with “clickbait” to keep people “addicted and absorbed on the page as long as possible”. Information online is “buried at the bottom of a lot of verbiage and guff”, Mr Suleyman argued, so websites can “sell more adverts”, fuelled by Google’s technology. Telegraph 

Walk around EGX, the UK’s biggest video games show, and you’ll see bright lights, demos for the latest games, and plenty of colourful cosplay. But this year you’ll also see something else – TikTok logos everywhere. The company is now the show’s main sponsor, signing a three-year deal to support it. It’s probably no secret that TikTok is looking to muscle in on games content – it’s a rapidly growing area for the platform, another category it wants to expand into alongside music and films. According to its own figures, gaming posts racked up more than 3 trillion views last year. BBC

Despite only launching in July, Meta‘s Threads app is already deemed the closest rival and most likely contender to usurp X (formerly Twitter). Now, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Threads’ parent company, Meta, has revealed two major new features. ‘Rolling out Edit and Voice Threads today. Enjoy!’ Zuckerberg posted on Threads. Best of all, the option to edit threads is completely free for all users.  In contrast, on rival app, X, the option to edit posts is limited to users who fork out £11/month in the UK or $8/month in the US for Twitter Blue. Daily Mail

In a previous article, we reported that the iPhone 12 had been affected by a sales ban in France due to excessive radiation levels. Apple recently released an update to fix this issue, which has also been accepted by the ANFR. We assumed that this update would lead to reduced transmission power and thus to problems in certain cases. This has now been confirmed by Apple. Specifically, the company states in a detailed support article that the iOS 17.1 update for iPhone 12 users in France also causes a reduction in transmission power. NotebookCheck

The mission launched on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket from the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral, Florida

NASA has launched a mission to a rare asteroid covered in metal that is two billion miles (3.6bn km) and six years’ travel time away from Earth. Scientists hope exploring the Psyche asteroid will help them understand more about how Earth formed and what makes it habitable. Lead scientist Lindy Elkins-Tanton, of Arizona State University, said: “It’s long been humans’ dream to go to the metal core of our Earth. I mean, ask [author] Jules Verne.” Sky News

When I was in Bilbao recently for the Open Source Summit Europe event, the main topic of conversation was the European Union’s (EU) Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). Everyone – and I mean everyone – mentioned it. Why? Because pretty much everyone with an open source clue sees it as strangling open source software development. As I’ve mentioned before, the open source community knew the CRA was bad news with a capital B. The hope was that the European Council (EC) could be persuaded to modify the CRA so that it wouldn’t be so onerous for open source developers. They failed. The Register 

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