Winners of UK Government’s £15 million Quantum competition announced

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  • £15 million Quantum Catalyst Fund will accelerate the adoption of quantum solutions by the public sector
  • Quantum technology could revolutionise work across Government, including transport, space, health and net zero
  • 30 projects have been chosen to take part in phase 1 of the competition

The first winners of a £15 million competition to explore the benefits of using quantum technologies in the Government’s work across areas like health, transport and net zero have been announced today (7 September).

The Quantum Catalyst Fund aims to accelerate the adoption of quantum solutions by the public sector and hopes to ensure the UK Government is well-placed to fully harness the benefits of using these technologies across a range of policy areas.

Quantum technologies – one of the Government’s five critical technologies – are devices and systems using quantum mechanics to provide capabilities that ‘classical’ machines like binary computers cannot.

Over the next ten years, quantum technologies are expected to revolutionise many aspects of life in the UK and bring enormous benefits such as helping to grow the economy and create well-paid jobs across the country.

The first round of feasibility studies under the new fund will explore how this technology can provide new capabilities in public services, such as quantum-enabled brain imaging in healthcare to tackle epilepsy, concussion, and dementia, or quantum computing that can solve optimisation problems in energy grids, helping us to reach net zero.

Says George Freeman, UK Minister of State for the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology:

“The Quantum revolution is set to be as transformational as the rise of classical computing, and is now starting to open up whole new fields from superfast computing to navigation, allowing us to do things that were previously impossible. We can use our scientific leadership in quantum to build exciting new career paths, businesses and even whole sectors here in the UK, boosting economic growth.

“We are determined to continue to invest and lead from the front in quantum infrastructure, regulation, standards and skills to fully exploit it’s potential to drive new economic opportunities. Our Quantum Catalyst Fund will help to push the boundaries of this technology’s development, and use public sector procurement to help nurture new companies and deliver benefits for citizens in public services to benefit us all.”

The competition is being delivered by Innovate UK in conjunction with the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT). It is part of the UK’s National Quantum Technologies Programme which has been running since 2014 to put the UK at the forefront of quantum technologies globally.

A full list of those receiving funding can be found below:

Project title Lead company Location
Quantum-Accelerated Recombinant Protein Drug Embedding Frameworks (QARPDEF) VORSUS LTD Rugby, Warwickshire
Utilising Quantum Machine Learning and quantum computing for genomic research and development QUANTUM BASE ALPHA LTD Brighton
CPT Thermal clock development – TACIT ALTER TECHNOLOGY TUV NORD UK LIMITED Livingston, West Lothian
Quantum computing solutions for optimisation problems in Energy Grids PHASECRAFT LIMITED London
Quantum-Assisted Flood Modelling: Pioneering Large-Scale Analysis for Enhanced Risk Assessment MULTIVERSE COMPUTING LTD London
Quantum-Enabled Brain Imaging: A Pathway to Clinical Utility CERCA MAGNETICS LIMITED Staplehurst, Kent
Quantum-Enhanced Sustainable Transportation (QuEST) CGA SIMULATION LIMITED Liverpool
Quantum computing for clean energy innovation PHASECRAFT LIMITED London
Quantum geo-magnetometers – a UK sovereign commercial OPM for enhanced GNSS-denied navigation University of Strathclyde Glasgow
Q-view University of Southampton Southampton
GCC – Gravity Cartography Catalyst DELTA G LIMITED Birmingham
AtomTRAIN: Atom-based Transportation Resilience with Atom Interferometer Navigation M-SQUARED LASERS LIMITED Glasgow
QUESTS – QUantum Enhanced Scanning Technology for community healthcare Settings METLASE LIMITED Oxford
Q-ACES: Advances in Chemical Energy Storage with Quantum Computing CAPGEMINI UK PLC Woking, Surrey
Quantum Simulations: A New Era for Actinide Chemistry CAMBRIDGE QUANTUM COMPUTING LIMITED London
Quantum photonic neural networks to predict instabilities in tokamaks DUALITY QUANTUM PHOTONICS LTD Bristol
Q-CALC (Quantum Contextual Artificial intelligence for Long-range Correlations) COLDQUANTA UK LIMITED Warwick, Warwickshire
Quantum optimised Electric Vehicle charger locations Q-CTRL UK LIMITED London
CQINS: Continuous Quantum Inertial Navigation Systems COLDQUANTA UK LIMITED Warwick, Warwickshire
Q-GEO – Quantum Gravimetry for Earth Observation COLDQUANTA UK LIMITED Oxford
QS-Precision Inertial Navigation (QS-PIN) ALTARANGE LTD Edinburgh
Railway Quantum Inertial Navigation System for Condition Based Monitoring MONIRAIL LTD Halesowen, West Midlands
Design of battery electrolytes using quantum computing MULTIVERSE COMPUTING LTD London
Hydrodynamic simulation using Quantum Tensor Networks on a quantum computer SEEQC UK LIMITED London
Project Octopus – Quantum fingerprinting for securing generative models ORCA COMPUTING LTD London
Q-SAT-GEN – Hybrid generative modelling for satellite image denoising and infilling ORCA COMPUTING LTD London
Qurrode: Quantum corrosion monitoring FRAUNHOFER UK RESEARCH LIMITED Glasgow
Silicon-based Quantum Optimisation in the Parity Architecture QUANTUM MOTION TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED London
Assessing future resource requirements for fault tolerant quantum computers (Qiron) Riverlane LTD Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


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