Top areas for car security revealed from eBay data

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  • eBay Parts and Accessories identifies the top 10 car security-conscious areas in the UK, analysing sales data for theft prevention products
  • Research took into account thousands of purchases nationwide, including products such as GPS trackers, steering locks and other security items like Faraday pouches
  • Searches for Faraday boxes increased by 125% from May 2022 to May 2023, while car security system went up by 136% in the same time period
  • Data comes as the number of vehicle thefts increases in the UK, with the Met Police recording an increase of 12% during the same timeframe

Sales data analysis for theft prevention products bought on eBay has uncovered what drivers are buying and their location, revealing the top 10 most security-conscious areas in the UK. 

eBay analysed the key security items purchased, including steering wheel locks and car immobilisers, between May 2022 to May 2023. This was then compared to population size, with Romford in East London coming out on top of any location in the UK, followed by Motherwell in North Lanarkshire and Redhill, Surrey.

Drivers being more security conscious comes at a time when car thefts are on the rise in some areas. In the same period, the Metropolitan Police Service recorded a 12% increase in car theft, with a total of 35,765 offences, the equivalent of four per 1,000 people across all London boroughs. 

Llandudno in North Wales placed fourth on the list and Southall in West London rounds out the top five, followed by Crewe, Dartford, Chelmsford, Truro and Doncaster. 

As well as items sold, eBay Parts and Accessories also looked at the wider product search, revealing a 136% increase in searches for the phrase ‘car security system’ from May 2022 to May 2023, a 125% increase for the phrase ‘Faraday box’, and a 76% increase for the phrase “Faraday pouch” – an item which blocks the signal between the car key and vehicle to reduce the risk of the car being stolen remotely. 

Says Laura Richards, eBay category lead for Parts and Accessories:

“By studying purchases made on eBay and looking at just how many searches are made every day, it’s clear to see people want to do everything they can to protect their vehicle. Having a car stolen can cause huge stress, but there are a huge range of items which can help prevent this, whether that’s to protect a cherished classic or a more modern model.

“At a time when we see more reports of vehicles being stolen and more sophisticated methods, owners are looking at all the different accessories that can help protect their vehicle when it’s parked at their home.”

eBay Car Security Index:
UK towns and cities with the highest
number of car security product
related purchases per capita
(May 2022-23)
Ranking Town or City 
1. Romford
2. Motherwell
3. Redhill 
4. Llandudno
5. Southall
6. Crewe
7. Dartford
8. Chelmsford
9. Truro
10. Doncaster


eBay Car Security Search Rankings
(May 2022-23)**
1. Steering wheel lock
2. Faraday pouch
3. Wheel clamp
4. Car alarm
5. Faraday box
6. Car GPS tracker
7. Pedal lock
8. Car key signal blocker box
9. Car immobiliser
10. Signal blocker box
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