Benefits of Live Chat in Customer Service That Your Business Should Not Ignore

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As a business, you are always looking for effective strategies to interact with customers visiting your brand website. Because customer care is crucial to your business for building a customer base so that your brand can flourish. And we are here to tell you that you need to consider live chat as a communication channel for your brand. Your customers can reach out to your brand easily, and then ultimately have their issues resolved smoothly.

The live chat communication channel is such an essential tool in this digital age. Customers like having a platform where they get responses in real-time. So much so that this communication channel has generated customer satisfaction levels of 73% Apart from that, your customer retention also improves, as found out by this study where 63% of the customers reported that they were willing to return to a website if it offered the option of live chat communication.

That is why more and more businesses are now adding live chat as an option for communication with their customers. For instance, along with dialing the Xfinity customer service phone number, Xfinity customers can also send a message on live chat and receive a response within a few minutes from the representatives. What’s even better is that this service is available 24/7! This convenience has definitely encouraged customers to reach out to their favorite brands.  

And it doesn’t stop here; we have plenty of other stats for you in this article! Keep reading!

Don’t Ignore These Benefits of Customer Service!

Here are the 6 reasons why customers love using the live chat service and why you need to add it as your customer channel now:

Keeping Your Customers Satisfied is the Key

Your business needs to make sure that you are working to improve the customer support of your website and maintain the customer experience as well. Because without either of these, your brand’s website will struggle. 

Live chat has a customer satisfaction rating of 73%! Other mediums of communication such as emails, phone calls, etc. are more likely to keep your customers frustrated because customers feel ignored when using these channels. When you offer the option of chat communication, you offer them a positive experience and increase their satisfaction. 

Quick Responses When Customers Are Shopping Online 

Another benefit of live chat you cannot ignore is that offering live chat allows the brand to communicate with online shoppers. Customers get a significant amount of things done when shopping online and communicating with your team on live chat. 

A study showed that 79% of the customers preferred live chat service for an immediate response from the brand. When you provide customers the opportunity to communicate with the brand through live chat, you instantly match their exact preferences. 

Live Chat Communication is Cheaper 

Offering the option of live chat communication can significantly lower the costs of the brand’s customer service. So much so that it is 50% cheaper than traditional phone calls for providing customer service!

Using phone or email services can get expensive or time-consuming. But the liver chat communication helps to bring down the spending of your customer support. With live chat, your customer support agents can deal with multiple customers at a time. Hence, live chat in customer support saves a significant amount of your budget. 

Live Chat Lets Customers Multitask

 It is convenient for customers to browse through items and have their questions answered at the same time. With such benefits, it’s no wonder customers love having this live chat feature availing when they are surfing the web. In fact, 51% of the customers have stated that they like the live chat option because it allows them to multitask. 

Mobile Users Expect Live Chat Feature On the Website

When customers visit your website, they have expectations about what your website should include. Providing them with the option of live chat is also fulfilling one of those expectations. Also, live chat makes it easier for your customers to act on your call-to-action (CTA) buttons. 

A study conducted by a software company showed that 62% of online shoppers on smartphones expect the live chat option. 

Customers Would Use Live Chat If Available

When you are running a business website, your main priority is to provide your customers with the features and designs that they prefer. One of those features includes live chat which your customers find valuable. 

If the live chat feature was available on your business website, then 80% of the customers claim that they would definitely use it. Hence, live chat is something to consider on your website since it’s pretty useful. 

Wrapping up

The live chat feature is one of the most important features that you need on your business website. it has multiple benefits as you have already read in this article. The live chat feature is bound to help your business grow and flourish since it provides satisfaction to your customers. All in all, the live chat feature gives your website the opportunity to increase your sales, customer satisfaction, and conversions, and improve your customer service. 









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