Tech Digest daily roundup: BBC objects to ‘government-funded media’ Twitter status


The BBC has objected to being labelled as “government-funded media” on Twitter. The corporation said it had contacted Twitter after the label was added to the main BBC account. Twitter owner Elon Musk responded to the complaint, asking: “Is the Twitter label accurate?” Musk later emailed the BBC, saying: “We are aiming for maximum transparency and accuracy. Linking to ownership and source of funds probably makes sense. “I do think media organisations should be self-aware and not falsely claim the complete absence of bias. Sky News 

Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla says it is expanding in China as it builds a new factory to make its large-scale batteries. The plant in Shanghai will be able to produce 10,000 of its “Megapack” energy storage units a year, the firm says. A Megapack is a very large battery that can be used to help stabilise energy grids and prevent power outages. Tesla already has Megapack plant in California, which also produces 10,000 of the units each year. Mr Musk said on Twitter that the new Chinese plant will be in addition to Tesla’s US factory. BBC 

Apple’s main Irish subsidiary paid €7.7bn (£6.8bn ) in corporation tax last year, but paid out nearly triple that amount in dividends to its California parent company, after reporting more than $69bn (£56bn) in profits. The latest financial filings for the subsidiary, which is facing legal challenges over its tax arrangements in Ireland, show the Irish division made the equivalent of nearly $190m a day over the year to September. The iPhone maker’s Cork-based Apple Operations International – the umbrella firm for most of Apple’s subsidiaries outside the US – said yearly revenues rose by $11.7bn to $223bn alongside the 2% rise in profits. Guardian 

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that he was the one responsible for covering up the “w” in Twitter’s name with a white tarp a few days ago—and he’s done it again. This is how new “Titter” was born.  Longtime Musk watchers are well-aware that the tech billionaire, one of the richest people on Earth, has the humor of a small child. Given that one of his favorite jokes revolves around the word “tits,” it came as no surprise when pictures of the Twitter headquarters sign in San Francisco popped up online with the “w” covered with a white tarp. Gizmodo 

While we don’t have sales figures for the Sony PSVR 2, the writing’s on the wall that Sony’s PS5 virtual reality headset may have fallen short of expectations. Now Sony has slashed its proposed PSVR 2 production plan for this year by roughly 20 percent, according to tech insider Ming-Chi Kuo. The Sony PSVR 2 has impressed us from day one with its improved graphics and much-needed controller overhaul. But you’ll probably want to hold off on buying a PSVR 2 for now, as these doomsday projections could mean it’s headed for a price cut. In March, Bloomberg was tipped by the tech firm IDC that the PlayStation VR 2 sold just 270,000 units between its February 22, 2023 launch date and the end of March. Tom’s Guide 

Thieves are breaking into cars through their headlights using a device that costs just £2,000, motorists have been warned. Automotive security experts Ian Tabor and Ken Tindell said that hackers are ripping off bumpers and headlights to gain access to wiring, allowing them to plug in widely available electronics used to hack cars’ internal computer networks. Once connected, the devices automatically disable engine immobilisers and can be used to open windows or even activate door locks, the experts said…Illicit vendors selling these devices claim they give instant access to high-value cars including Ferraris, Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis and more. Telegraph 

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