Study reveals 4 in 5 Brits can’t live without their mobile phones

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  • Data reveals the top electrical items Brits can’t live without despite the rising energy costs
  • Four in five (80%) Brits can’t live without their mobile phones
  • Almost a third (30%) of Brits trust advice from Martin Lewis over government and energy supplier helplines

The cost-of-living crisis is the current predominant discourse in the UK. The recent rise in energy prices has seen a dramatic increase in energy bills and in turn has affected general usage habits, especially how we use everyday electrical appliances around the home.  

To assess how Brits’ habits have been affected by the rise in energy costs, Freemans asked 2,017 Britons which electrical items they can’t live without despite the energy crisis.

Brits simply can’t live without…  

While there are items Brits are limiting and stopping using to reduce their bills, there are items that Brits simply are unwilling to give up despite how costly they may be to run them.

The findings reveal four in five (80%) Brits have increased their usage of their mobile phones. This could be due to the limited charging time versus its wireless usage. With unlimited usage, a mobile phone can be used for the internet, music, and other things that would usually use outlets and electricity.   

The electrical items Brits can’t live without


Electrical Item

Percentage of Brits increasing their use


Mobile Phone



Smart Home Devices


Personal Care

Ring Light



Slow Cooker


Brits seeking energy advice from Martin Lewis over government and professional bodies  

The study also explored where Brits were seeking advice and help around their bills and energy usage, almost a third (30%) of Brits stated money-saving expert Martin Lewis as their most trusted source, ahead of government advice (15%), energy supplier helplines (13%) and charities and support groups (7%).  

Gen-Z are more likely to seek advice through TikTok with one in four (24%) gaining advice from the platform. 

Says Esther Hughes, Head of Media Optimisation at Freeman’s

“In today’s modern world, we can’t help but rely on lots of electrical appliances. So instead of cutting out all electric appliances, it’s best if we approach our electricity usage and assess what we can realistically limit, and how we can use what we already have in an energy-efficient way.  

“According to our research, only one in three Brits knew they could use their electrical items for dual functionalities. For example, a smart home security camera can also be used as a home baby monitor, or a handheld clothes steamer can also be used as a cleaning device for soft furnishings such as a sofa. 

Along with this, Brits can also save money by making energy-conscious swaps. Our research found air fryers and slow cookers have seen an increase in use since the energy bill crisis, using less energy draining appliances such as the oven less often will help to keep costings down.”  

Further findings of the State of Electricals Report are available to view here.  


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