Sky Glass TV prices rise for second time in four months


The cost of Sky’s streaming TV, Sky Glass, is rising yet again – for the second time in less than four months. And this time, all three sizes have seen a price increase, writes Cordbusters.

This means the smallest Sky Glass – the 43″ model – has gone up from £649 to £699, and the largest one – the 65″ model – is up from £1149 to £1199.

Just a few months ago, the 65″ was sold for £1,049 – which now marks a total increase of £150 since Glass launched.

If you choose to pay for Sky Glass with instalments – those payments will also go up, by £1-£2 each month, depending on the size and number of instalments.

The prices of Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Sky Kids, as well as the Ultra HD pack, the Whole Home package and more add-ons, aren’t going up this time around – as they did back in October 2022.

With the TV itself being an outright purchase (and not a subscription), existing customers who are already paying their Sky Glass instalments will not be affected by this price increase, which will only affect new buyers.

 Says a Sky spokesperson:

“Our focus is on providing customers with the best value possible. Like many businesses, we are facing price increases in our supply chain – our updated pricing reflects this.” 

Adds Alex Tofts, streaming expert at Broadband Genie:

“While Sky has largely shielded consumers from rising costs — by reducing the prices of some its TV and broadband bundles and freezing prices for new subscribers — a trickle of increases are now starting to come through the pipeline.

“Following the hike in its NOW Sports Month Membership package earlier this month, comes another rise for its streaming TV service, Sky Glass. This is the second time Sky has increased the price of Sky Glass in four months and will affect new customers whether they opt to buy their television upfront or pay in instalments. 

“However, with so many streaming options available, this increase could be a risky move. Most televisions do not become more expensive over time and unless Sky can convince that Sky Glass is the best on the market, consumers considering buying a new set could well be put off.

“Also, as Sky Glass locks you into getting your entertainment from Sky, buying these sets is a big commitment — the added expense could encourage people to look instead for a more flexible option where they can keep their own TV.

“Ironically, one of the chief alternatives comes from Sky itself. The new Sky Stream, which includes Sky Entertainment alongside Netflix originals as well as shows that are not on Freeview costs from £24 a month and can be paired with a standard TV.
“Remember, bundling your streaming services in with your broadband is one of the best ways to save money as companies often have arrangements with streaming services to offer them at discounted rates. And if you’re coming to the end of a deal with your provider, make sure you check out the latest deals and discounts for pay-TV and broadband bundles.”

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