GRIDSERVE announces installation of 32 High Power chargers

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Following over 100 High Power chargers installed in 2022, GRIDSERVE is accelerating into 2023 with 32 new High Power chargers at four new Electric Super Hubs.

The new High Power chargers, capable of up to 350kW, are located on some of the UK’s busiest roads. For those heading to Stonehenge on the A303, eight High Power chargers are now live at Solstice Park.

On the M23, Pease Pottage has six High Power chargers while on the M4, Reading Westbound is now open with 12 High Power chargers. To help boost the charging network on the M40, Cherwell Valley has six High Power chargers for EV drivers.

With the installation of the 32 new chargers, there are now 173 High Power chargers installed at 16 Electric Super Hubs and two Electric Forecourts. The GRIDSERVE Electric Highway now has chargers in 169 locations and is currently delivering over 10 million EV miles into the UK’s electric vehicles every month.

All GRIDSERVE chargers feature both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, accept contactless payment and provide real-time status updates to a myriad of popular EV charging maps, making it as easy as possible for customers to charge their EVs.

Says Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE:

“We are thrilled to be building on the great progress we made in 2022 with four new Electric Super Hub locations. As the demand for electric vehicles and charging increases, it is vital we continue this pace to roll out the installation of High Power chargers to support EV drivers and those making the switch to electric. We look forward to continuing our vast expansion throughout the rest of 2023.”  

Currently there are High Power chargers at GRIDSERVE Electric Super Hubs at the following locations: 

  • Moto Rugby (11 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Swansea (6 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Exeter (12 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Burton-in-Kendal (6 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Thurrock (12 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Severn View (6 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Heston (11 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Wetherby (12 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Woolley Edge Northbound (6 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Woolley Edge Southbound (6 350kW-capable chargers) 
  • Moto Leigh Delamere (6 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Reading Eastbound (12 350kW-capable chargers) 
  • Solstice Park (8 350kW-capable chargers) 
  • Moto Pease Pottage (6 350kW-capable chargers)  
  • Moto Reading Westbound (12 350kW-capable chargers) 
  • Moto Cherwell Valley (6 350kW-capable chargers)  

 Further High Power chargers are available at:

  • Norwich Electric Forecourt (22 350kW-capable chargers)
  • Braintree Electric Forecourt (12 350kW-capable chargers and 1 360kW-capable chargers)


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