Why Are More than Half of Brits Playing Online Games?


It’s no secret that online gaming is not so slowly taking over the world. Where in previous years, console and PC gaming had a clear lead in sales, mobile gaming now makes up almost half of the gaming industry’s revenue. With the recent advances in the quality of mobile gaming devices, the battery life, the graphics quality, and sound capabilities, mobile gaming is now an ideal way to enjoy your favorite titles and casino games on the go. That’s not to say that PC and console gaming are no longer fierce competitors: online gaming and virtual purchases have cut game prices in many cases, making your favorite online titles even more accessible.

The improvement in devices and ease of access to online games are obvious reasons to play, but apart from that, why are more than half of the people in the UK now playing some form of online game? And what are these games they’re playing? From FIFA, to online slots UK, to Call of Duty and online roulette, hundreds of games are on the most played lists for the Brits. Join us as we figure out why Brits love online gaming so much and what games are currently topping the UK’s “most played” charts.

Why do Brits love online gaming?

It’s a surprising fact that many Britons still stay at home more than ever before. The rising prices of a night out on the town are a huge contributing factor, but so is the fact that being at home is just…nice. What do you do while you spend your evenings comfy and cozy on your sofa? You reach for the keyboard, the controller, or your mobile device to indulge in a little online gaming fun. Without even setting foot out of your front door, you can visit magical worlds, sci-fi space stations, or underwater wonderlands. You can become any kind of character you choose; who wouldn’t want to try that?

Online gaming is an excellent way to make connections in the digital age. Playing on public servers or hitting an online casino and playing slots or table games can introduce you to many different kinds of people that you may never have met in real life. With online gaming comes game streaming and the communities that form around these streamers and the games they play. Making friends online is a completely valid form of social interaction that negates the need for costly dinners or stressing out about your social anxiety kicking in. 

Aside from all of that, let’s be honest; games are just fun. Who needs more of a reason to do something than it being enjoyable? Online games are an excellent way to while away a few hours, whether they be on the bus to and from work, on the couch after a long day, or even taking a leisurely bath.

Which games are the most beloved in the UK?

1. Casino games

In the UK, spending a little time playing online slots, roulette blackjack and the like is a great way to waste a little time. Casino games are some of the UK’s most played online games. Games such as poker teach skills such as risk management, patience, and financial management, and slots offer a distraction for the mind with bright colors and catchy sounds. What’s not to love?

2. Mario Kart 8

It’s not exactly a new title, but Mario Kart 8 is still going strong among UK gamers. This game is a classic racer, full of interesting things to look at and crazy distractions to keep your eyes off the road and hopefully get you to crash. The iconic characters that appear in the game are Nintendo’s finest, from Mario to Donkey Kong. Games such as Mario Kart bring people together and get them laughing, and laughter is the best medicine.


If it’s one thing that people in the UK can come together over, it’s a love of soccer. That, however, is where the togetherness ends! Though FIFA itself is beloved in the UK by fans of all different teams and players, the competition between in-game characters is incredibly fierce. Players can play solo or with friends for a group experience.

4. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is not only one of the most played games in the UK, but also all over the world. Call of Duty Vanguard was the most searched game on the internet in 2021, and the frenzy has not subsided. All COD games are classic first-person shooters, some with the option to play from a third-person point of view as well. The franchise zigzags through war history for its period settings and does incredible justice to every one it chooses.

Wrap Up

This should clear up any lingering questions that you have about online gaming in the UK. Are you going to join the ranks of the UK’s online gamers?

Tech Digest Correspondent