Tech Digest daily roundup: Lockdowns linked to tenfold rise in child sex imagery


Imagery of young children carrying out sexual acts on camera has risen by more than tenfold since the pandemic lockdowns, new data suggests. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) says its data highlights how predators took advantage of the situation. Social media websites exploded in popularity in early 2020 when the pandemic began. Last year the IWF logged more than 63,000 webpages showing the material compared to 5,000 before the pandemic. BBC 

An asteroid the size of an elephant has passed by Earth in one of the closest encounters ever recorded. The space rock, named 2023 BU, was projected to zoom over the southern tip of South America at about 12.29am on Friday, only 2,200 miles (3,540km) above the Earth’s surface. This makes it the fourth closest passing by an asteroid over Earth ever recorded. By comparison, some satellites orbit at an altitude of more than 21,000 miles. Sky News 

Netflix will begin its crackdown on password sharing in the coming months. In a report sent to shareholders last week, the streaming giant said more than 100 million subscribers share passwords outside their household – a practice which “undermines our long term ability to invest in and improve Netflix”. Netflix said the global change would begin rolling out globally sometime from the end of March. From the end of the first quarter, Netflix is likely to introduce an additional fee to sharing a single subscription across multiple households.

Display technologies continue to evolve. This situation coming with the cheaper panel costs. For example, OLED technology, which was once used only in premium products, can now be seen in mid-range and even entry-level devices. Lastly, Samsung announced 77-inch S95C QD-OLED TVs price. Here are the details… 77-inch Samsung S95C OLED (2023) to cost $4,499. Samsung recently announced their new line of QD-OLED TVs at CES 2023, including the 77-inch S95C and S90C models. While the company didn’t reveal an exact release date or pricing at the time, a recent accidental reveal on Samsung’s website in the USA has now given us a glimpse of the 77-inch S95C’s price. Gizmochina 

LastPass parent company GoTo has come forward with an official statement that — for the fourth or fifth time now — changes the impact that last year’s leak had. Ultimately, the impact is larger than we last reported, but it is limited to users for other GoTo products. User data related to GoTo services like Hamachi, RemotelyAnywhere,, Central and Pro has been extracted. The info itself was stored on a server, where the LastPass user creds were being held too. While the info was encrypted, the attackers managed to steal the encryption key as well. Oops! Phone Arena 

The iPhone 14 Pro Max isn’t much better than the iPhone 14 Pro, with the main differences just being the size of the screen and capacity of the battery, but Apple could be looking to differentiate the top two entries in the expected iPhone 15 line later this year, based on new revelations from iOS 17. That’s according to information from LeaksApplePro, posting on HowToiSolve(opens in new tab). They claim to have seen iOS 17 code, and it reveals that the iPhone 15 Ultra – which is likely to be what Apple launches instead of an iPhone 15 Pro Max – will apparently have more advanced image processing software than the iPhone 15 Pro, as well as the rest of the iPhone 15 series. Tech Radar 

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