The Key Systems Behind Making Online Casinos Work


The Internet as a whole is designed to be a consumer face to what is an incredibly complex system. The average user would never know it, but there are many complex systems running behind the scenes of every site.

Online casinos are no exception; here are some of the key systems you’ll likely never see.


The tech-savvy will know that virtually everything uses at least some form of encryption these days if it uses any kind of personal information.

What may be less known is that there are actually multiple types of encryption used for different levels of security. In regards to online casinos, where major money transactions occur regularly, they would usually maintain solid encryption standards.

The largest of these sites, like Paddy Power or a similar level, offer major stakes games and live casino online games with events that can pay out into the tens of thousands. They would be expected to employ only the highest encryption levels and likely multiple layers of it.

The encryption algorithm in question is AES or Advanced Encryption Standard. It is currently rated as the most difficult encryption to break down and is even used within the U.S. Government to protect sensitive data. Being a symmetric encryption method, it is still extremely quick to process, so the average casino player would never notice it. It’s used for everything from withdrawals and deposits all the way to customer support messages and emails.

Payment Options

More than even major e-commerce sites, online casinos are well known for having a huge number of payment options. While everyone knows the common types, such as Visa and Mastercard, many would be less familiar with names like Skrill and MuchBetter. 

The two examples above primarily operate as what is known as virtual wallets, digital wallets, or e-wallets in some cases. They are an alternative to regular credit cards, often generating a virtual credit card that can only be used online or via an app, with everything tied to a bank account. They have multiple benefits, although the key selling point is often enhanced security and tracking of transactions.

Mobile Optimisation

Given how many people use their mobile for everything online, it’s no surprise that the majority of casino players are accessing the site via smartphone. What isn’t seen is just how much work goes into making a site mobile-friendly, not to mention the games themselves.

To start with, casino sites generally are designed to have minimal extra features, optimised graphics and dedicated mobile versions to give phone users a quick load time. More than that, most modern slot games also follow the same philosophy, with streamlined code and processes giving quick loads as well as low data usage in the process

There are many more examples of tech that goes into the sites, games and transactions of online casinos that weren’t mentioned here. The entire industry can usually be found at the cutting edge of new systems and features, so give it a couple of years, and you can expect to see some incredible progress.

Tech Digest Correspondent