The Benefits of Using for Online Meetings in the UK: iMind Reviews

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Video conferencing services like iMind are now actively used in corporate communications in the United Kingdom for interaction, when visual contact of several people at a distance is important. The many features of the tool ensures that all meeting participants are involved in the discussion on working issues.

Video Conferencing Compared to Face-to-face Meetings

10-15 years ago, it was impossible to imagine such a question. But now online technologies open up a new world of communication. Many companies and users even prefer tools that offer chats for businesses to physical meetings. And here’s why:

This is an opportunity to meet people. Video conferencing services allow you to search for reliable employers and employees from other countries and build a workflow with them. Finding a high-paying job, business partners or starting your own business can be done in just a few minutes. And, most importantly, without leaving home.

You do not have to spend money on travel to the meeting point. Even different continents are not a barrier to communication.

You can feel more confident and free during an important meeting. If a person is at home or in other comfortable conditions, it is psychologically easier to conduct an interview, a meeting or have an important conversation. Lack of physical contact (as with physical meeting) with the interlocutor can create a sense of security, and this has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the conversation.

What is iMind?

IMind is a video conferencing platform used in the UK, Germany, Canada, US, and other parts of the globe as a video conferencing tool for companies who need to have virtual meetings with remote employees, clients, and partners.

iMind Product Overview

The video conferencing tool has the following interesting features:

  • video conferences with up to 100 people;
  • timetable for efficient workflow organization;
  • free for personal use;
  • video conferencing for companies start at $6.99;
  • webRTC base technology.

The technology is based on the WebRTC open standard being developed by Google. It allows real-time video communications through an Internet browser and playback of audio and video content in ultra-high quality. Due to the fact that WebRTC is not focused on multipoint connections, iMind created its own software-based multipoint conference server (MCU: Multipoint Control Unit), providing the ability to conduct video calls with a large number of participants through the browser.

Online Reputation

iMind is trusted by individuals and businesses in the UK and the rest of Europe and it is positively reviewed on iMind’s official Facebook account. It also scores 92% for user satisfaction in the videoconferencing category from online reviews by industry experts. It also scores 4.4 out of 5 from user iMind reviews.

The Benefits of Using for Online Meetings

WebRTC communication technology

The iMind product is developed on the basis of modern WebRTC real-time communication technology, which allows video communication through a browser from anywhere in the world in excellent media quality (video and audio). Unlike other video conferencing solutions, you do not need to install special hardware and software to use the iMind service, you can connect to a session instantly using Plug and Play technology.

Wide range of functionalities

The iMind product is intended both for holding online meetings and meetings (video conferences), and for organizing webinars and mass online broadcasts. The iMind solution has a wide range of functionality and is easily integrated into the organization’s IT infrastructure.

High-quality broadcasts

Your company’s team will have high quality broadcast video in resolutions up to HD quality. It is also possible to adjust the quality of the broadcast video depending on the bandwidth of the communication channel.

Screen sharing possibility

Using the capabilities of iMind, you can display images of up to 25 interlocutors at the same time. Video conferencing participants can chat, view documents during an online meeting, and “share” their desktop and programs. However, the conference moderator can manage the rights of participants at his discretion.

Final Words

iMind has a high level of modern security protocols for encrypting video and audio information streams based on industry standards for data security. It has an amazing online reputation and it’s one of the safest and efficient video conferencing tools in the industry.


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