How to Choose the Best Crypto Mining Hardware?


Some cryptocurrencies are produced through mining. In the early days of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, mining crypto was relatively easy, even the central processor (CPU) of a laptop was enough. However, as the difficulty for many mining algorithms increases as mining activity and demand increases, the need for more powerful hardware has also increased sharply. However, if you want to get bitcoin or any other altcoins easily then the simplest way for you is to play in non GamStop casinos. There, you can make your deposit with your bank card and get a generous bonus and after a successful betting session you can withdraw your winnings with any digital currency of your choice!

GPU Mining

After the CPUs, GPUs (the chips in video cards or graphics cards) became popular. These are much more efficient for mining because the algorithms can be run in parallel. The efficiency of a video card depends on several factors, such as how recent the chip architecture is, the amount and type of memory of the video card, and how much power the graphics card consumes. In general, the most recent generation of video cards from a particular manufacturer is the most efficient. At the moment you can choose from products with a chip from AMD and Nvidia, and Intel will probably also be on this list soon.

Now that crypto mining has become a household name, there are also special video cards for crypto mining. These often have no display outputs, colorful fuss, custom coolers, and even custom hardware. For example, Nvidia sells the CMP series, a number of mining accelerators based on video cards that are only suitable for mining. If you would also like to use the card for mining, you should opt for a regular graphics card.

In addition to video cards, a mining rig based on these accelerators needs the same parts as a regular computer. This includes a CPU, a motherboard, working memory, a power supply and a storage medium for the operating system and the mined coins. In addition, each component consumes power. So the more video cards you have in your mining rig, the more efficient it is. It is useful here that some manufacturers sell motherboards with extremely many connections, which you can use in a detour to connect the video cards. For example, motherboards with space for up to twenty cards are no exception. A normal design often only fits about four.

In addition, it is recommended to overclock and undervolt the video cards where possible, using the manufacturer’s software. This allows you in the best case to achieve better performance at lower consumption. Popular GPU mining cryptocurrencies at the time of writing are Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC) and Monero (XMR).

FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) can also be used. These are programmable chips that you can tailor to the purpose of use. However, these are generally very expensive products and are therefore less attractive for crypto mining.

ASIC Mining

Nowadays, the competition within the mining landscape has become so fierce that even video cards are no longer always lucrative. This has led to the advent of the ASIC miner. ‘ASIC’ stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit and thus is specifically designed for one purpose. ASIC mining hardware can therefore only be used for mining crypto with a specific hashing algorithm.

The vast majority of ASIC mining hardware manufacturers are Chinese, according to ASIC Miner Value. The biggest names are Bitmain, MicroBT, Canaan and Ebang. According to researchers at BitMEX, these four Chinese companies controlled about 97% of the market in 2019. It should be emphasized that scams are common among alleged providers of ASIC miners. Official sites are faked, and some outlets are rogue. It is therefore very important to be careful about which companies you buy your ASICs from.

Miners measure the computing power of the mining rig in hashes per second (H/s). A single video card often does a number of megahashes per second (MH/s), a modern ASIC is usually suitable for tens to about 100 terahashes per second (TH/s). It depends on the specific cryptocurrency and the associated difficulty what the final value will be. For example, these extremely powerful ASICs are often specifically intended for Bitcoin and cryptos with a similar algorithm.

Crypto Mining Efficiency

If you compare computing power to power consumption, you know the efficiency of your mining hardware. Cooling is also important for crypto mining. Because the hardware uses computer chips (semiconductors), they must be kept cool. Also, if they stay extra cool, they consume less, which increases efficiency. You can overclock and undervolt ASICs just like video cards. Some cryptominers have now switched to immersive cooling. This means that the hardware is immersed in a non-conductive oil. This oil is used to dissipate the heat as efficiently as possible.

With a mining calculator you can calculate what you earn from crypto, and how this compares to the electricity costs. This takes into account the difficulty of mining. Examples of good tools are the mining calculator from NiceHash (for Ethereum) and WhatToMine (for all kinds of Proof-of-Work coins).

Mining Crypto With a Mobile App: Is That Possible?

There are various applications for your mobile phone that allow you to use your phone as a crypto miner. For example, there is MinerGate Mobile Miner, with which you can mine various altcoins and also bitcoin. The interesting thing about this app is that there is also a built-in wallet, so that you can also store the coins that you know how to mine in the app. However, do not count on large amounts of money coming out of this and that you will probably lose more power than you bring in with your mobile phone. Another application that allows you to do crypto mining with your phone is Bitcoin Miner. This is the most popular crypto mining app with your phone.

However, the disadvantage of the applications is that it is not very good for your mobile phone and that your battery and other parts of your phone are probably not very happy. After all, phones are not designed to work this way. Not efficient enough to be profitable and not built to do this kind of intensive calculation at all.

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