Bitwarden latest password manager to go passwordless


Open-source password manager Bitwarden has announced it’s going passwordless in a move that it hopes will make it easier and faster for users to access their Bitwarden vaults.

In a press release, Bitwarden explained that its new mechanism, “uses a public and private key exchange between the web vault and a recognized, authorized mobile device.”

Users can bypass entering their main password by simply approving a notification through their Bitwarden mobile application. Once approved, a user automatically gains access to their web vault. 

The foundation of a secure architecture starts with zero knowledge, end-to-end encryption, ensuring all information stored in a Bitwarden vault remains encrypted and cannot be viewed by anyone but authorized users.

The new passwordless authentication process builds on the same uncompromising foundation that puts user security at the forefront, claims Bitwarden

For example, the communication between the web vault and the authorized mobile device is encrypted from the start, before it ever leaves the device. In addition, a fingerprint phrase mechanism requires exact match before the web vault can be unlocked. This helps ensure the user doesn’t approve a request they don’t recognize. 

Passwordless is here

According to the Bitwarden 2023 Password Decisions Survey, nearly 50 percent of companies plan to deploy passwordless technologies, with 40 percent citing ‘better security’ as a core reason. 

Innovations around biometrics, security keys, and integrations with enterprise SSO all enable Bitwarden to offer passwordless authentication options, helping customers reduce password entry and streamlining user experience. 

A member of the FIDO Alliance, Bitwarden is one of the many companies behind the rollout of more secure passwordless logins that are designed to reduce hacking and phishing scams to virtually zero.

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