Holiday Shopping Guide for Fitness Enthusiasts


With the holiday season fast approaching you will undoubtedly be wondering what gifts you can purchase for family or friends over the next few weeks.

If some of the people closest to you happen to be fitness enthusiasts, you will be pleased to know there are vast array of associated products you can buy them.

From gifts for casual athletes to presents for workout fanatics, the internet is awash with fitness gift ideas to suit every budget level.

With that in mind, read on as we look at some of the best gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts for the upcoming holiday season.

Under Armour Undeniable Signature Duffle Bag

The Under Armour Undeniable Signature Duffle Bag has received rave reviews since it was first launched and it is easy to see why.

It has a water-resistant finish, an abrasion-resistant bottom and side panels and an adjustable shoulder strap for maximum comfort.

The bag has plenty of storage space for gym clothes, accessories and shower products, while a separate compartment is perfect for carrying sweaty trainers.

With the option of also using it for overnight travel, the Under Armour Undeniable Signature Duffle Bag is an excellent holiday gift idea.

Apple Watch Ultra

If budget is not a consideration when you are buying gifts for family or friends, the hugely impressive Apple Watch Ultra should be right up your street.

Designed to tackle extreme conditions, elevations and temperatures, the watch is the perfect tool for the fitness enthusiast who likes to go the extra mile.

Apple Watch Ultra has dual-frequency GPS, giving users peace of mind they can access accurate location information wherever they are in the world.

Available in three bold colours – green, orange and starlight – the Apple Watch Ultra is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any recipient this Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

When it comes to affordable smartwatches with tons of features, you would be hard pushed to find a better product than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

It boasts 90 different workouts and has automatic detection for when you undertake outdoor activities such as long-distance running or walking in the countryside.

The watch also allows you to monitor your body temperature and track your sleep, making it a great all-rounder for any fitness enthusiast.

With long-lasting battery life and a tough sapphire crystal glass display, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is unquestionably one of the most durable smartwatches on the market.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements have become big business in recent years as people strive to maximise the benefits of undertaking regular physical activity.

The best pre-workout supplements such as Shifted Premium deliver tangible performance gains when used in conjunction with a nutritious diet.

Backed by extensive scientific research, the blend of ingredients help to increase energy, improve focus and can assist with the rest and recovery process.

Whether your gift recipient is a casual or committed athlete, they will appreciate you giving them a product that can significantly improve their workouts.

Hyperice Normatec Go

Hyperice’s Normatec Go delivers targeted massage for fresh legs on-the-go, helping muscles recover faster, reduce swelling and improve performance.

The completely portable system delivers dynamic air compression to the calf muscles to increase circulation, reduce pain and alleviate tension in the legs.

Normatec Go is scientifically proven to significantly reduce pain and inflammation and increase circulation throughout the entire lower body.

It can be connected to the Hyperice app on your smartphone, giving users access to air compression routines designed provide a therapeutic way to decompress.

Bose Sport Earbuds

Bose Sport Earbuds are designed to energise exercise activities with stunning lifelike sound and a comfortable, secure fit.

They make music sound balanced and clear, giving users the motivation to power through even the toughest of workouts.

The patented acoustic port design and high-efficiency drivers combine to deliver big sounds without ever blasting a user’s eardrums too much.

The Bose Sport Earbuds are also water-resistant, meaning they are perfect for wearing on rainy days or during the sweatiest gym session.


When a company describes a product as the ‘world’s best protein shaker bottle’ for fitness enthusiasts, it makes sense to check out what all the fuss is about.

The unique capsule design of the ShakeSphere blender bottle is the only one of its type on the market, meaning that no mixture ever gets stuck.

The mixing process within the shaker bottle purees almost all soft fruit, leaving a paste perfect for your favourite smoothie every time.

The ShakeSphere can also be used as a thermos flask, making it the perfect product to keep beverages hot when the winter months come around.

Tech Digest Correspondent