Fixed Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots:  Which one’s for you?

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When we’re in a bingo room and call out, “Full House!” it’s such a sweet moment because it means we’ve won the jackpot. Very often the jackpot is the main reason for joining a bingo room, although the genre and theme of the game can also sway players when it comes to deciding which one to play in.

There are different jackpots, so it’s worth knowing the different types that are up for grabs and what the prizes are before committing to a game.

Fixed Jackpot

Just as the name implies, a fixed jackpot is, well, fixed. It is usually a specific amount of a cash prize that gets deposited into your account, if you’re the full house winner, that is. This amount doesn’t change in a fixed jackpot. Players can always check what they could potentially win by playing online bingo for real money before they play. 

The prize money is displayed in the bingo lobby and on the game’s display, so players can decide if that’s a sum they want to play for and whether they want to actually play for a fixed amount. Popular games with a fixed jackpot include Speed Trap Bingo Room, ideal for speed freaks, and a fishy game called Big Bass: Keeping it Reel.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots roll over and often increase in amount, getting progressively larger, hence their name. This is not always for an indefinite period of time, but it often grows until there’s either a winner or the amount hits the maximum payout. Just like with a fixed jackpot, this is made explicit to potential players, so they know the real money cash prize before playing for it. 

Players can also look at a game’s jackpot metre to see what the current amount of a progressive jackpot is at any given time. This metre is usually on the game’s display or nearby. It will increase in real-time, whether as a roll-over, as more wagers are made or as tickets are bought. This is because each time a player decides to join a game, a percentage of their admission fee goes towards the jackpot. 

Once a player wins the jackpot, the metre will go back to zero and start increasing again, according to wagers made and until it’s won once again. Games that have progressive jackpots include the Crystal Room, which is a room where 90-ball bingo is played, and the Temple of Iris 2 Jackpot, part of the Temple of Iris series.

Offering different jackpots caters for a larger market. Some people are happy playing for a fixed jackpot, whereas others may want to play for a progressive one. Either one is just as good, it really comes down to what individual players want when it comes to prize money. 

Knowing what they are, and the terms and conditions attached to them, will not only help players decide what they want to play for but also enable them to make an informed decision at the same time.

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