Three-quarters of Brits would welcome noise cameras on our roads 

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The subject of noise cameras is front and foremost again, with further rollouts expected across the country after a successful trial in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

And according to research conducted by used car buying service,, it’s a move that would be welcomed by most UK drivers. In a study published earlier this year, seven in ten Brits (71%) said they support speed cameras having noise detectors to catch and fine illegally noisy vehicles in cities, whilst more than two-thirds (67%) support this in rural areas.

The research saw that the strongest support, perhaps surprisingly, came from the 18-34 age range, with 74 percent of respondents saying they would welcome the rollout of noise cameras. Interestingly, support was stronger from men than women, with 75 percent of men asked saying they would welcome the move, and only 68 percent of women.

Other statistics from the research showed:

  • Sheffield was the city with the strongest support for the use of speed cameras, with 83% of respondents welcoming the move.
  • Plymouth was the lowest, with just 48% supportive, Liverpool was the second lowest,with 54%
  • Edinburgh was the second more supportive city (79%), followed by Glasgow (77%), and London, Nottingham, Manchester and Southampton, all on 74%

Noise cameras were successfully rolled out in Knightsbridge, London. The pilot project was launched after residents in Kensington and Chelsea raised concerns about the impact noisy vehicles had on their lives in the area. Since the introduction of the cameras in 2020, close to 200 people have been fined, with no repeat offences. Now councils in Bradford, Bristol, Birmingham and some parts of Norfolk are set to follow.

Noisy culprits face a fine of £100, which can rise to £1,000 in extreme cases.

Founder of, Nick Zapolski, said that he wasn’t surprised that more areas were planning to roll out noise cameras.

“It’s not just about the noise that some vehicles – especially modified ones – make. Whilst that is undoubtedly annoying for road users and residents, it often comes with other anti-social behaviours.

“I believe that noise cameras could considerably discourage these sort of dangerous activities, such as racing and reckless driving, and that could save lives. This scheme would be really important in reducing worrying behaviour on our roads, as well as noise pollution.”

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