How to Get a Job in Silicon Valley

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Across the world, dynamic and intelligent tech talent is the need of the day. Thanks to the fast-paced, active technology development and innovation, the need for talent is always a priority. This is because some big tech organizations offer life-altering opportunities for young and deserving talent. Amongst the most popular hotspots for these tech organizations is Silicon Valley in the US. There seems to be a constant need for tech experts and talent in software, firmware design or development, product design, engineering, cloud computing, and technical product marketing. 

Many international candidates are trying their best to find suitable openings in Silicon Valley. When seeking relevant jobs in Silicon Valley, international aspirants must take expert guidance from a US immigration lawyer before embarking on their quest for a career in the US. Else, all efforts will go to waste.  

While landing a tech job in Silicon Valley might sound like a dream come true, it is necessary to remember that you must always check to see if the career path offered for your expertise is what you had in mind. You will definitely need to prepare for the Silicon Valley career journey considering that tech expertise with relevant skill sets is all that will finally matter. 

Here are a few helpful aids to help you get a tech job in Silicon Valley.

Ensure You Have Done Your Homework

Being wholly abreast with the exact requirements of the job is the most critical criterion. You need to ensure you have the skills matching the job requirements. You should be aware that there are probably hundreds of job applicants for the same position. You must prepare well, exceed expectations, and bring your A-game to the interview and following discussion rounds. 

Language Skills

Language skills? For a tech job? Yes. It may be quite challenging to understand why language skills are essential in a tech job. However, you need to remember that Silicon Valley is in the US, and the spoken and written communication language is English. To cut a long story short, you cannot expect to land a great tech job in the Valley if your English communication is not good enough. Taking coaching lessons in written and spoken English before embarking on the job quest is best since your first interaction with the hiring personnel might be a make or break.

Your Social media Presence

Social media has become part of everybody’s life. You must ensure that your social media presence projects your abilities, achievements, skill sets, abilities, and most importantly, your teamwork and people skills. Hiring professionals make it a point to look through your social media presence to know about your work and who you are in the face of the world. If required, you may need to change your social media profiles to showcase your abilities with a professionally explained description of your most recent skills and tech achievements. Recruiters and hiring managers generally need to know that you know how to present yourself. 

Create a Solid Pitch about Yourself

Considering that all the tech companies in Silicon Valley have something quite substantial to offer, they prefer to have their employees and talent pool of the same caliber. This is why you, as a prospective candidate, are like a tech or product pitch for them. In short, think of your resume as a presentation pitch about you. Another ground rule to remember when dealing with the tech company giants of Silicon Valley is that they prefer to read less but expect to hear more from you. Try to keep your resume or pitch document to a single page. Basically, the key pointers of your pitch should be well-written work achievements, related education, and a small text on why you love what you are doing for the company. The more impactful the pitch, the more the chances of you landing the job. 

A few of the possible tech jobs you could aspire for :

  • Product Design and Development
  • Tech development and management
  • Data warehousing and Data Mining
  • Firmware, Software, Hardware tech designer
  • Technical design architect
  • Software Developer and Tester
  • Platform design and Development Engineer
  • Tech solutions developer
  • eCommerce designer and implementer

Which would be the best job option for you will ultimately depend on you, your education, experience, and expertise. As with any field or job, it is best to prepare a list of companies, check their job boards, tailor your resume to fit the job descriptions, and apply to each job. Whatever choice you make, you should confirm the legalities, paperwork, documentation, and more are thoroughly vetted by reputed immigration lawyers. While you search for the best job, they can ensure you are protected legally on all fronts.

Tech Digest Correspondent