Advantages Of A Virtual Classroom Software For Training Recruits 

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Virtual classroom software falls within the larger spectrum of an LMS. They offer collaboration and conferencing tools required for training individuals and businesses virtually.

Using virtual classroom software enables users to view, debate, and interact with their course material while studying, with the assistance of a web-based video call platform. That is a modern educational trend that is altering the classroom setting. Through the usage of this application, users and instructors can communicate more frequently, clear up any confusion, and take part in conferences, forums, meetings, and training sessions. Your teaching and learning processes will be more effective if virtual classroom software is incorporated.

In the case of virtual classroom training, several learning activities can be conducted on a single platform. Moreover, its usage is not limited only to education but to businesses as well. Globally, this technology is used by companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Features Of A Virtual Classroom:

  • Provides a virtual whiteboard: This feature of virtual classroom software enables instructors and trainers to collaborate in the session with enthusiasm. Facilities like drawing, highlighting, writing, etc. are no less compared to a physical whiteboard. 
  • Both one-to-one and group classes are available: Irrespective of the number of recruits that demand training, virtual classroom software accommodates all and provides similar experiences and facilities be it a private classroom or a group classroom. In addition, trainees can arrange one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions whenever it’s convenient for them.
  • Options for conversation amongst all the members: This feature includes chat box options and group calls to make conversation among all the team members and instructors easier. In addition to clearing doubts regarding the topics being taught or the organizational goals, this is also an ice-breaker for candidates.
  • Interactive classes: Engaging students in a classroom is very difficult. And the problem of bagging their wandering minds might intensify in the case of a virtual classroom. Therefore, it is essential to make the classes interactive. Virtual options like raising your hand, ticking boxes, etc. are provided to make the class more engaging. 
  • Recorded classes and easy file sharing: One of the best features of this kind of learning portal is the convenience of attending a course they offer. Any trainee can access the session at their convenience irrespective of the location they are in. There is no hard and fast rule of when they should attend the class as the main purpose of this training is to transform a newbie into a confident and competent employee, therefore the main target is just to make sure they complete the course. 

Another useful function is the distribution of study material to remote trainees. Simply open the file sharing option, drop or upload the file, and the students will receive it immediately.

  • Frequent quizzes: After the completion of every session of an hour, try to keep a quiz session of 10-15 questions as this would make them concentrate during the class. Keep daily rewards like badges and titles for the high scorers of each session or day. This will serve the purpose of motivating the trainees to do their best in every session. 
  • Face-to-face training: This software offers the perk of face-to-face training from the comfort of your trainee’s house. No member needs to travel for long hours or bear the charges of traveling just to attend a class.
  • eCommerce facility: Another quality to highlight is, the integrated payment gateway these learning portals have. This feature eases the process of monetary transactions. 
  • Providing reports and analysis: Reports and detailed analyses on them assist both the instructor and the trainee to track their progress. This feature also enables the creator to make necessary changes to the course based on trainee responses.   
  • Mobile learning: The aspect that makes virtual classroom software so unique is mobile learning. With the help of this feature, students can easily access the same instructional material on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Benefits Of Virtual Classroom Software: 

    1. LMS integrated: The web conferencing software is integrated with your LMS and enhances a seamless virtual learning experience. Using Single Sign On to access your video conferencing portal is one of the great features that an LMS offers. LMS will allow you to manage the session, and your video conferencing tool integrated with it will notify you when the course is ready to deliver.
    2. Single Sign-On: By eliminating the need to open external pages and streamlining the learning experience, you may access the virtual classroom platform from your LMS with a single click. For you and your users, this functionality provides a better learning experience. Logging onto a single platform enables students to avoid the headache of remembering different login credentials. 
    3. Providing Notifications: By providing notifications through emails and calendar sync, you may quickly schedule reminders for forthcoming sessions. Additionally, you can include prompts like “raise the hand” so that participants can ask the instructor or host questions. You receive audio and video notifications both, that the user can enable or cancel according to their needs.


The usage of virtual classroom software has a bundle of misconceptions attached. Virtual learning is not always necessary for learners, and it contains too many features that simply serve to confuse them. That is one argument used against all the benefits it offers. 

However, this argument has no merit as the cost of modern virtual classroom software is significantly lower than the infrastructure and facilitator costs of traditional classroom training. Moreover, the flexibility this software offers is beyond the capacity of a traditional classroom and thus is a great option to opt for when it comes to training recruits. 

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