What makes Boku online casinos so popular?


When it comes to choosing an online casino to play at, there’s a lot to consider. Of course, there is a need to check out that the casino is licensed. There’s a need to check out as many reviews as possible to make sure that the site is worthy of your time and that it can be trusted. There’s also a need to take a look at the range of games that are on offer: are there enough of the types of games that you like to keep you entertained? Alongside all of this, there are also the payment methods that need to be considered.

A great online casino will have payment methods that are both fast and secure. While there have been more and more payment providers joining the market, it is Boku casinos that have become more and more popular in recent years. We’re going to take a look at just what Boku is, why it’s so great to use and if it provides a real alternative to PayPal.

What is Boku?

Formerly known by the name Vidicom, Boku was established in 2009 and has its headquarters over in San Francisco. This is a company that tapped into the popularity of mobile phones and devised a way that these could be used for making an array of different payments. When it comes to making a purchase, the user opts to use Boku at the checkout and the amount of the purchase is simply added to their next mobile bill. This means that there’s no need to provide any bank or card details to the company you’re purchasing from.

With marketplaces such as Apple, Google Play and Playstation accepting Boku as a payment method. The method has proven so popular as it allows the unbanked (those without a bank account) the option to make purchases online. In this way, it can be seen as aiding inclusivity and bringing people together so that they all benefit from what the internet has to offer.

The demand caused by increasing numbers of online casinos

When you look at the sheer number of online casinos that there are to choose from, it’s almost unbelievable to think that just over two decades ago these sites dent even exist. As technology has developed and as game providers have got better and better at what they do, the number of online casinos has only continued to grow.

As these sites have increased in number, and popularity, players have been seeking payment methods that suit them. They need methods that are fast, secure and can be trusted. The payment methods that are on offer can make or break an online casino and the sight of Boku is always a welcome one.

The pros of Boku as a payment method

If you’ve yet to come across Boku, or at least use it, at an online casino, you may be wondering what’s so great about it as an option. Well, some of the main benefits that Boku offers include:

  • It’s 100% free – There is no charge whatsoever when you make a deposit using Boku
  • It’s simple – You only need to enter your mobile phone number to make a deposit. That means that there’s no need to remember logins, passwords, or enter bank details
  • Boku is safe and secure – As you’re not sharing your bank details with anyone any risk of financial loss is almost zero. Also, anytime that you make a deposit, you receive a text to verify that it’s really you
  • Boku lets you deposit at speed – In fact, it takes 60 seconds or less for your deposit to hit your online casino account

With these benefits, it becomes clear why Boku is being chosen by so many players at online casinos, but are there any downsides to be aware of? Let’s take a look.

The watch outs with Boku

It doesn’t matter which payment method you choose at online casinos, or for any other online transaction for that matter, there will always be drawbacks to be aware of. With Boku these are:

  • Low deposit limits – There is a daily deposit limit of £30. Now, if you’re a low roller then this will never be an issue but it is certainly a source of frustration for the high rollers out there
  • Country restrictions – Boku can’t be used worldwide. That being said, it is available in over 50 different countries and this number is growing all of the time
  • Limited bonuses – Using Boku, just like many E-wallets, may see you being ineligible for casino bonuses
  • No withdrawal option – Boku is purely a way to make a deposit. When it comes to withdrawing any winnings you’ll need to be sure that your chosen online casino has a suitable method that you’re comfortable with

Is Boku a real threat to PayPal?

The answer here is a probable no. However, that’s purely down to the fact that it isn’t really attempting to be. PayPal is long established and, since 1998, it has become one of the most recognisable and trusted online payment gateways that exist. At one time it was perhaps most famed for its link to eBay. However, it made a seamless transition across to the world of online casinos and has been a favoured method for many players for years now.

Boku actually exists perfectly alongside PayPal rather than trying to compete with it. If you’re looking to avoid sharing your bank details with an online casino then Boku allows for super fast deposits and PayPal may then be the perfect option for withdrawing your winnings.

Although Boku is now over a decade old, it can still be seen as an innovative way of paying. PayPal has plenty of competitors such as Skrill and Neteller whereas what Boku has to offer is something unique. That means that it doesn’t have to worry itself with the success of PayPal, or any other E-wallet for that matter: it just gets in with what it does and casino players love it.

Tech Digest Correspondent