How to promote Instagram account from scratch

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of social media? Perhaps some people associate social media with TikTok, but most people will answer that Instagram is the main service for them. This platform is an important place for publishing content for business accounts and personal blogs.

The most difficult thing in 2022 is to succeed from scratch. Today we will talk about how to do it.

Start promoting your account from the first days

Paid promotion is something that many bloggers mistakenly put off until later. This is due to the fact that creators do not want to spend money and hope that they will be able to succeed without investment. However, you should buy Instagram followers for a small price because this method will allow you to quickly gain an audience.

If you hope for a miracle, then you will have 200 subscribers for several years and all your work will be in vain. The platform algorithms work in such a way that it is not interested in new accounts. You will be able to get into the recommendations only when you already have a large enough audience.

Implement new features

The most important thing in 2022 is the constant introduction of new features that the platform provides. For example, Reels are the most popular format right now. All bloggers and business accounts use this format in order to be closer to a younger audience and meet the needs of society.

The trend for short videos appeared a few years ago and is only gaining momentum. Use it to your advantage and shoot in this format. After publishing, you can buy real Instagram followers so that a large number of people watch your video. This will help you convince the platform’s algorithms that your content is worth promoting.

You can also use various masks and stickers in Stories. There often appear thematic stickers dedicated to some political or social events and holidays.

Stay in touch

In the age of information technology, it is very important to stay close to society and not hide in your online world. The accounts of many bloggers look cold and soulless because comments are closed there and users do not have the opportunity to give feedback. Viewing content without a chance to ask a question or leave feedback alienates the creator from their audience.

You should open up the opportunity to comment on your posts and try to answer people’s questions. Also, don’t forget to thank users for the positive feedback. This helps build trust with the audience. If you already have a large account and it’s difficult for you to answer everyone, then you can like good comments to somehow show your attention.

In addition, you can sometimes conduct live streams for your viewers to talk to them online. This format is much more pleasant for users than just a photo or video that is in your profile because it is a live communication.


To grow from scratch in 2022, you need to use effective promotion methods and follow trends. In addition, communicate with the audience and always be in touch.

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