How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Social Media

Instagram followers like pages that appeal to them, and if they recognize a brand, those users add businesses, too. Increasing your follower volumes helps businesses get more out of their social media pages, and the company can maximize their earning potential. Read more to find out how to increase followers and get more likes on Instagram.  

How to Get Followers Initially

Companies get started by setting up an account on Instagram and inviting followers they know to the page. Some businesses have contact information for their customers that might include social media data, but they should start off slow sending these invitations because some platforms might restrict invitations at first. The business can add their social media information to their website, business advertisements, and packaging. These strategies drive more followers to their social media page. Visit the official website to get more information about getting more followers. 

Have Something to Say

Followers connect to businesses on Instagram to stay updated about products or services, and the company must have something to say to keep these followers engaged with the page. Companies cannot let many days go by without posting some content on their social media pages. These gaps in posts could drive followers away, and the company could lose out on potential sales. Even if what the owner has to say that day isn’t something profound, these posts can get the followers’ attention and keep them on the page.  

Interact With Followers Don’t Ignore Them

Social media pages are used to interact with followers, and companies must follow suit. The owner should never let comments build up on one post without acknowledging these followers. Social media users who feel ignored will go somewhere else and fast if the company has stopped interacting with them. Many customers comment on the pages to address a concern or ask a question, and they don’t want to wait hours to get a response.  

Schedule Posts Each Day

If a business owner doesn’t have the time to create posts every day, they can schedule the posts to appear on their social media page as they desire. These features save time and let companies stay relevant on social media without missing a day or an opportunity to sell products. Social media platforms offer these features for all users, and the convenience of scheduled posts takes the burden off the business owner’s shoulders especially when it isn’t possible to interact with social media followers all day long.  

Hire a Moderator or Administrator for Your Page

Another advantage companies have with social media is that they have the opportunity to hire a moderator to manage the social media page and interact with their followers. Moderators mitigate risks and prevent users from becoming volatile towards each other or painting an ugly picture of the company. Business owners are professionals, and followers who are on their page just to cause drama or problems should be removed by moderators or page administrators.  

Use More Appealing Content

Collecting data from the social media page shows the business owner who their target demographic is and what is most appealing to them. Research helps businesses create better posts and more appealing content for their followers, and studies show that video productions are an easy way to attract more followers and spread the company’s message.  

Invite Everyone You Know to Your Page

Start-up companies need as many followers as possible to advertise their products or services, and adding all their friends and family increases their exposure. As they add these important people to their lives, their family and friends can recommend the company’s page to their own friends and followers. The strategy increases the follower volume quickly, and if someone the users know recommends a page, the users are less likely to question the legitimacy of the business.  

Social media users base the legitimacy of businesses on how many followers are on the page and how often these followers interact with the company. These viewers are familiar with scams on social media, and if they check out a page and don’t see a steady following, the users could go elsewhere. Marketing experts offer more insight into how to attract more followers including maintaining regular posts and interacting with each comment on the page.

Moderators can help busy business owners manage their posts and respond to followers when the business owner cannot. Using appealing content can lead new followers to the page if all posts are public and readily available to everyone. Find out more about generating a following and maximizing your likes.  

Chris Price