Tech Digest daily roundup: Samsung launches gaming hub for smart TVs


Samsung is launching its gaming hub for its 2022 smart TVs and monitors today. The hub brings together the best game streaming apps into a single location, with quick access to Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Utomik, Twitch, and Microsoft’s new Xbox TV app. Even Amazon Luna will be available soon, neatly integrated into the Samsung Gaming Hub UI. The gaming hub doesn’t act only as a launch point for cloud gaming, though. HDMI-connected video game consoles will feature inside the hub, alongside passthrough controller inputs so you can use a single controller instead of having to pair multiple ones. That means popular Bluetooth headsets and controllers will work across multiple apps, services, and devices through the Samsung Gaming Hub. The Verge 

WhatsApp has been generally slow to roll out new features. This is unlike Telegram, which keeps adding major new features to its platform every few months. Slowly but steadily though, the Facebook-owned company has been working on bridging this gap and further enhancing your messaging experience with some useful upgrades like the ability to send files up to 2GB in size, add up to 512 people in a group, and Communities. In May 2022, the company rolled out WhatsApp message reactions as a way to let you express yourself better. However, you were limited to using only six basic emoji as reactions. Less than two months later, WhatsApp is working on fixing this limitation. Android Police

The inventor of the mobile phone has suggested that people who spend too much time on the device may want to rethink their priorities. Martin Cooper, a 93-year-old American engineer, was appearing on BBC Breakfast when he suggested people should stop scrolling and ‘get a life’. Cooper led the team at Motorola responsbile for the development of the first ever mobile phone in the 1970s. In 1973, he became the first person in history to make a handheld cellular phone call in public. Now widely credited as the ‘father of the cell phone’ he admitted he actually doesn’t use the device all that much. Metro

Ruja Ignatova, also known as the “missing Cryptoqueen”, has been placed on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list. The Bulgarian woman, believed to be in her 40s, is wanted for her alleged role in running a cryptocurrency scam known as OneCoin. Federal investigators accuse the fugitive of using the scheme to defraud victims out of more than $4bn (£3.2bn). She has been missing since 2017 when US officials signed an arrest warrant and investigators began closing in on her. In 2014, OneCoin, a self-described cryptocurrency, began offering buyers commission if they sold the currency on to more people. BBC

The YouTuber and Minecraft gamer known as Technoblade has died from cancer, aged 23. His father posted an emotional farewell message to his channel, which his son had prepared before he died. In the video, called “so long nerds”, his father says his son wrote a goodbye note and “he asked me to read it to all of you”. “Hello everyone, Technoblade here. If you’re watching this. I am dead. So let’s sit down and have one final chat.” He goes on to reveal his real name is Alex, and that because of “one of the most successful pranks we’ve ever done”, where one of his siblings called him Dave in a video, people thought his real name was Dave. Sky News 

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