Tech Digest daily roundup: Is your job under threat from a robot?

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One in three businesses are planning to invest in automation as a top priority amid staffing shortages, a survey has suggested. Firms facing recruitment problems are most likely to have automation high up on the agenda, according to the report from HSBC. The survey of 670 companies in the UK found that 40% are feeling negatively about their staffing levels and availability. The findings add to growing concerns about Britons losing their jobs to machines. It follows a study by Arden University last week which suggested almost a third of jobs in the UK could become redundant by 2030 due to automation and changing workforces. Sky News 

The British Army says it is investigating after its Twitter and YouTube accounts were hacked. Videos on cryptocurrency using images of billionaire businessman Elon Musk appeared on the YouTube channel. The Twitter feed appeared to retweet several posts related to NFTs – a type of electronic artwork for investment. The Army confirmed the “breach”, saying it took information security “extremely seriously” and was resolving the issue. Both accounts have now been restored. An Army spokesperson added: “Whilst we have now resolved the issue an investigation is ongoing and it would be inappropriate to comment further.” BBC 

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Summer is here and I don’t fancy melting into a journalist-scented puddle – enter: Dyson. I’ve been testing the Dyson Purifier Cool Autoreact to stave off the brutal(ish) UK heat. Sadly Britain hasn’t clocked on to air conditioning yet, so it’s very easy to be overwhelmed in the summer. And if it means avoiding a swift and sweaty demise, a Dyson fan seems like a great buy. Importantly, this is also a purifier – so it doesn’t just cool you down, but cleans up the air you’re breathing too. This double-whammy of life preservation could be considered priceless. Dyson is charging £499 – so is it worth it? The Sun

It’s no mystery why Sony made a PC gaming monitor that can also work well with the PS5. The PC gaming business is simply too big to ignore, and it’s just money on the table that’s otherwise up for grabs by other monitor makers.Sony didn’t say those exact words, but it didn’t have to for me to know that it’s one of the reasons why it decided to announce two gaming monitors this week. Another reason is because Sony’s growing focus on services means that PS Plus will eventually go beyond the console. Getting its games in front of more people instead of locking them down as exclusives has, in the past few years, become a welcome change in strategy. The Verge

Elon Musk’s Tesla is facing a $440m (£363.5m) writedown on its Bitcoin holdings after a spectacular slump in the digital currency’s value. Tesla bought $1.5bn worth of Bitcoin early last year in a radical move that made it the biggest company to move part of its cash reserves into cryptocurrency. But the carmaker’s bet has turned heavily lossmaking in recent months as Bitcoin crashes to an 18-month low. On Thursday – the final day of Tesla’s second financial quarter – Bitcoin traded at around $19,000, making the company’s investment worth an estimated $820.8m. Telegraph

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