How To Watch Blocked YouTube Videos


These days, YouTube has grown to be an incredibly popular website where you can view nearly anything. The variety of information available to serve its audiences includes news, videos, and movies. It boasts more than 2 billion monthly users and over 30 million users daily.

But one of the most frustrating issues you could run into in this place is restricted videos. The movie might occasionally be blocked by a specific user group, making it unavailable for a particular geo-location. This article will explain why some videos are occasionally prohibited and how to get around the YouTube country restriction and watch the video in question. Also, we will talk about how a VPN like Urban Free VPN can help you access blocked videos.

Reasons Why YouTube Videos Are Blocked

 Here are some explanations for why some YouTube videos may be restricted, and you can’t view them:

  • Rights of Licensing

One of the most fundamental and significant causes of restricted YouTube videos is this. Any content that has licensing constraints has been restricted by copyright laws or other rules limiting content distribution to a certain nation or region.

  • Censorship

The stuff that is accessible online is censored in many nations. Some nations completely restrict YouTube, while others only block certain types of content. These are typically the topics that go against their moral principles and regional legislation.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Blocked in Your Region?

1.   Use a VPN

Using a VPN is the most efficient approach to accessing banned YouTube videos. VPNs, which stand for “virtual private network,” serve two purposes. First, they alter your apparent location by routing your internet traffic through one of their servers. By selecting a server in a region where the video is not prohibited, you can deceive the platform into giving you access using this tool, which unblocks YouTube videos. Your internet activity is encrypted by VPNs as their second function. This prevents snoopers from watching the videos you’re watching while you browse in private.

2.   Use a Proxy

You can use proxies to route your internet traffic through one of their servers located in a different part of the world. With the help of this function, YouTube is unable to determine whether to ban your material because it is unaware of your IP address. Proxy services are unfortunately only a last choice for accessing banned YouTube videos. They may even capture your data and don’t encrypt it, making it easy to discover if you violate censorship or copyright laws. Furthermore, many proxies are slower than VPN services, which may cause video latency or a shaky connection.

3.   Smart DNS

Like proxies and VPNs work, smart DNS can modify your location by routing traffic through other servers. Nevertheless, because there is no encryption, connections made using Smart DNS networks are always quicker. You have to manually or, with the aid of third-party programs, modify the Internet’s address. The DNS provider will believe that it has access to the nations or areas whose online content you like to see in this way.

4.   Download Videos

If any video content is restricted in your country, the last and simplest option is to access forbidden YouTube videos. This is the most secure method of accessing the banned video. We can obtain YouTube videos from a lot of websites. Additionally, there are web browsers that can aid in the downloading of videos. Simply copy the URL and paste it to download it. You can save the video to your computer or phone.

Why Use VPN To Unblock YouTube Videos?

YouTube is completely outlawed in several nations. China, Iran, Syria, and Turkmenistan are included in this. Even developed nations like Germany and Denmark have temporarily blocked or restricted specific types of content. You may overcome this by using a reliable VPN, regardless of whether you’re in a nation with a temporary restriction or a permanent ban.

The most dependable method of masking your location and, consequently, your IP address is through a virtual private network or VPN. Depending on the VPN server you connect to, it uses encryption to safeguard your Internet traffic and conceal your real location online.

This is referred to as IP masking and geo-spoofing, and as long as you sign up for a dependable VPN service, you may access almost anything on the Internet while maintaining your anonymity and whereabouts.

If you wish to utilize a free VPN, use the Urban Free VPN, which enables you to quickly change your IP address to one of the several countries listed to watch YouTube videos that are blocked in your home country. A VPN is the simplest, quickest, and most secure option to view banned content if firewalls or geoblocking are restricting your access to YouTube.


So those are your options for watching YouTube videos that are restricted in your nation. Pick the option that is best for you as each of them has advantages and cons of its own.


Chris Price