Best Choice: Butterfly Knife Crimson Web (Minimal Wear)


Counter Strike Global Offensive can be considered a truly unique game, in which there are more than a dozen different knives for every taste. Each knife presented in the game is different in: 

  • appearance; 
  • coloring; 
  • animation. 

A huge selection of cold weapons allows each player to choose the option that interests him, which can be regarded as a successful marketing solution from the side developed by CS:GO.

It is especially worth paying attention to butterfly knife crimson web minimal wear. This option is one of the most desired in CS:GO.

What is the feature?

Any knife in the game allows you to quickly move around the map, which, of course, increases the mobility of each user in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

The knife in the game could look even more threatening if it was larger. However, very compact dimensions are typical for all balisong knives in general.

The knife has one of the highest prices among knives. This knife has a pretty cute original animation and appearance. Some variants even exceed the prices of the most popular knives such as Bayonet.

The size of the butterfly knife in CS GO is not so impressive. Most likely, it is one of the smallest knives in the game. However, many players, and indeed knife lovers around the world, did not like the balisong because of its formidable appearance. Balisong in CS GO is probably the knife with the most spectacular and memorable animations. It is the twirling of the butterfly knife at the beginning of the round that can slightly entertain bored players.

What is the price?

Butterfly is one of the most expensive knives in the game. Due to its interesting shape, the knife has received recognition from users around the world. Cold weapons are distinguished by their animation, effects and beauty. Butterfly can be called one of the most beautiful and attractive knives, so it has great popularity among players. The knife is quite expensive. Butterfly Knife Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) costs about $1,500.

In the field-tested exterior, the cost of the skin goes up to $800. Agree that the purchase of a skin with better exterior is more profitable and more promising.

This skin can be a good way to make money, because there will always be a demand for such models. The rarity of the skin can become an opportunity for its owner. It can safely be said that this skin will pay off in the future.

Where to buy?

There are many specialized sites. But not everyone has the ability to actually withdraw money. However, DMarket has the ability to withdraw in a convenient way. And it will be real money, not game points. Low commission, user-friendly interface and fast cash flow on this marketplace are guaranteed.


Tech Digest Correspondent