Tech Digest daily roundup: Dyson working on robots for household chores


You might know Dyson for its sci-fi looking vacuum cleaners, futuristic-looking fans and its state-of-the-art hairdryers. But Dyson has been working on a secret project you probably do not know about and could realise a dream that humanity has been nurturing for decades now: robots. And not just any robot (you may already consider some of their vacuum cleaners as robots, from a technical perspective). Dyson has revealed that it is betting on the construction of robots that will be able to do household chores. The company expects the new technology to be available by 2030. Imagine mighty robotic hands gently picking up the dishes from the rack and setting up the table for lunch. Euronews

The UK app economy on Apple’s iOS mobile platform saw record growth in 2021, supporting more than 440,000 jobs – more than anywhere else in Europe, the technology giant has said. A new report on Apple’s App Store and its economy said the earnings of smaller UK app developers have grown by 84% in the last two years, with the number of smaller developers joining the App Store up by 40%. The App Store is home to 1.8 million apps for use on the iPhone and iPad, and Apple says it is visited by 600 million people every week. According to the analysis, while earnings for all developers have risen in the last two years, smaller creators who have been active on the Store since 2019 have seen their revenue more than double. Yahoo!

Motorola could have not one, but two very interesting smartphones launching in China next month. The company has teased the first in a Weibo post, which promises to be one of the first phones in the world with a 200-megapixel camera. It could be joined by a third-generation foldable Razr, too. Motorola’s general manager Shen Jin recently posted a cryptic teaser for the new foldable on Weibo, which appeared to show a silhouette of a device unfolding.The smartphone with the 200-megapixel camera has reportedly been developed under the codename “Frontier,” and has leaked a couple of times in recent months. The Verge 

With the iPhone 14 (presumably) just a few months away, the Apple rumour mill is working overtime to churn out leak after leak. And if this latest tidbit is to be believed, Apple could be making a pretty bold decision when it comes to the iPhone 14’s front camera.  New reports suggest Apple is planning to reframe the front-facing camera as “high-end”, with a wider aperture and the addition of autofocus. But these extra features could come at a cost to the world’s first trillion-dollar company. According to ET news, the new front-facing camera could cost Apple three times as much as the previous tech. For the first time in iPhone history, the camera is said to come from South Korea, with LG Innotek providing the tech. Creative Bloq

Charlotte Jessop started making financial education videos on TikTok as the UK went into its first lockdown. Her short clips on paying down debt, cutting spending and investing quickly became a hit. “A couple of videos went viral, and it led to tens of thousands of followers pretty much overnight,” the 34-year-old says. “There was a lot of TikTok content that wasn’t necessarily good advice, and some of it was scammy or dodgy. So I thought maybe there is scope to be the voice of reason.”  Since March 2020, Jessop has amassed 60,000 followers and her videos viewed millions of times. But her growing audience has made her social media account a target for scammers seeking to prey on everyday TikTok users. Telegraph 

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