Sports Betting vs Online Casino Technologies: How Different Are They?


At the end of 2017, the mobile gambling industry’s worth was around $100 billion. Since then, the industry has grown quite a bit, mostly thanks to the incredible advancement in modern-day technology. 

Technology has always been the driving factor of any development across numerous industries and one of the vital elements for pushing the betting industry to where it is today. The latest digital technologies have transformed how people interact with online casinos and sports betting platforms. 

Since online casino gambling and sports betting are incredibly popular hobbies of millions of people, let’s discuss the technologies they use and how they differ.

Online casino technologies

Here is a short but comprehensive list of some of the most game-changing technological trends that revolutionized the online casino industry.

Artificial intelligence

AI is why modern-day online casino enthusiasts have the privilege of enjoying the most immersive user experience. It makes online casino games more intuitive, responsive, and adjustable to players’ preferences. 

Aside from making the gameplay as realistic as possible, AI also provides additional services to players, such as personalized notifications, alerts, reminders, helpful advice on the best playing strategies, and game recommendations. 

More importantly, AI keeps both casinos and players safe by detecting and preventing fraud. Some of the leading online casino brands, such as Genting Casino online, rely on AI to detect fraudulent activity. 


Even though fiat currencies are still the preferred payment method for millions of players, cryptocurrency is slowly becoming the best alternative. 

Crypto such as Bitcoin is among the most secure payment options for both players and online casinos simply because its technology is so complex that even hackers have a hard time tampering with it. That’s why digital currencies are becoming more popular across many online casinos.

VR and big data

AR and VR enable online casinos to provide their guests with hybrid gaming experiences that blend ground-based experiences with online casino games. That’s how players can enjoy live gambling games, such as online poker with a live dealer for a more immersive gaming experience. 

Online casinos also rely on big data to gather information on players and their preferences. The collected data allows them to improve experiences, customize interactions, and track game activity. 

Sports betting shops use big data for the same purposes, including customizing live sports betting odds, lines, spreads & picks to better suit the bettors’ needs.

Sports betting, smartphones, and mobile apps

Nothing has changed sports betting more than mobile phones and the internet. Every bookmaker today has a unique digital footprint on the web. Nowadays, hundreds of millions of bettors and punters visit betting sites and bookmakers using their mobile devices. 

With the mobile gambling industry on the rise, mobile apps have become increasingly crucial for the sports betting industry. Betting shops are widely embracing the benefits of the latest technology to attract more bettors and provide them with the convenience of modern technology. 

There are touchscreen betting shops where punters can socialize while enjoying their favorite entertainment. Digital betting shops are perfect for bettors who prefer having a range of customizable options. 

Sports betting websites have updated mobile versions for increased convenience for mobile bettors. Thanks to the immense functionality of the integrated modern devices, bettors can enjoy an array of betting options, various payment methods, and more. 

5G network

5G network enables a much quicker internet connection, allowing bettors worldwide to browse sports betting websites and stream content much faster. They can place bets on multiple sporting events with a few taps on their smartphones and find the latest sports events, odds, news, etc. 

On the other hand, 5G helps the gaming and gambling industries become more user-friendly and advanced. It helps enhance a range of factors and provides new products and services.

Some examples are cloud-based games and digital sports betting shops that combine the sociability of the bookmaker with the usability of mobile and internet technologies. 

Online casinos rely on the same strategy to make online slots and games more social, as shown on this site.


Since blockchain technology offers unprecedented built-in safety measures, it can help online casinos and sports betting sites with data accuracy, integrity, and security. Blockchain has helped countless digital bookmakers reduce data integrity concerns.

Each transaction on a betting site involves a data exchange between operators, regulators, agents, and data sources. 

Since that is a dream come true for hackers, sports booking agents use blockchain to make sensitive financial and business data decentralized and publicly accessible. That simplifies data processing and makes the entire process more straightforward and secure.


The gambling industry depends on the latest technologies, with sports betting sites and online casinos needing them to improve every aspect of their businesses. 

On the other hand, modern bettors and gamblers expect immersive user experiences and the highest safety and security measures when enjoying their favorite entertainment. Without technology, sports betting and online casino industries wouldn’t be able to thrive and evolve.


Tech Digest Correspondent