What is a Medical Alert System and Do You Really Need One?


Medical alert systems have become all the rage in recent years. These systems are widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics to monitor patients’ health status and send regular reports to caregivers. They’re also designed to send quick medical alerts whenever someone pushes the emergency button. 

Once these alerts reach their respective hospitals, dispatch teams are sent out to provide prompt medical assistance and potentially save the patient’s life. There are many types of medical alert systems, some of which are equipped with the most advanced assistive technology in the globe. Ensure you choose one that meets all your bespoke needs when making the purchase.

Do you really need a medical alert system?

Most people think that only the elderly and impaired members of society should consider investing in medical alert systems. Truth is, medical alert systems can provide a variety of benefits to anyone who desires to have peaceful days, restful nights and 24/7 medical emergency help at the ready.

When should you consider getting a medical alert system?

There are a few reasons that may prompt you to invest in a medical alert system. These include:

  • You have a health condition. If you’re sick, it might help to have a medical alert system. Such systems allow you to request emergency medical assistance quickly, preventing minor medical issues from escalating into life-threatening conditions. People who suffer from severe illnesses shouldn’t feel like their lives are hanging on a thread.
  • You live alone. Living alone can be risky, especially if you’re an elderly individual who suffers from serious health conditions such as low blood pressure. Having a medical alert system allows you to enjoy the peace and independence of living alone. You can easily press the emergency button to summon a medical team to your house in case something occurs.
  • You want to give your loved ones peace of mind. Relatives who live far away from home might worry about not getting prompt medical attention, especially if they suffer from known health conditions. However, having a medical alert system can give them peace of mind since they’ll always have quick emergency assistance with a simple push of a button.
  • You wish to maintain your independence. Most adults love being independent. They prefer choosing what to do and where to go without being supervised. However, some medical conditions can prompt your loved ones to hire a dedicated nurse to look after you, making your life less pleasurable. Medical alert systems allow you to enjoy your independence since you can instantly connect to an emergency operator when your health goes south.

Benefits of using a medical alert system

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of utilizing a medical alert system.

  • They offer activity monitoring and fall detection

Medical alert systems are equipped with sensors that monitor weight, blood pressure, heart rate and other vital health markers. They also have fall detection sensors that send alerts whenever elderly patients fall and are unable to get up. These state-of-the-art systems are able to detect how your body is performing at all times. They’re also affordable, helping to reduce medical costs since you’re always aware of your current health status.

  • They provide a wide variety of options

Thanks to rapid advances in technology, medical alert systems come in wide-ranging designs. Apart from having a button that patients can press in case of emergencies, these systems also have GPS tracking tools that help medical response teams to locate people who need their help. Another helpful feature of these modern systems reminds patients to take their medication at different times of the day.

  • They’re easy to use and replace

Most people prefer using gadgets and technologies that are easy to use. After all, complex equipment can be quite frustrating to maneuver around. Luckily, most medical alert systems are simple and easy to operate. They’re even equipped with an accessible button press that sends alert signals to designated medical emergency operators. In addition, medical alert systems can easily be replaced in case of damage – they’re not expensive to maintain. The benefits of these reliable systems far outweigh their overhead repair costs.

  • They provide location tracking

These systems use GPS technology that helps emergency response teams to track your precise location and provide quick assistance whenever you need it. This feature provides families with peace of mind since they can easily be located before push comes to shove. 

Medical alert systems are safe, reliable and inexpensive. Invest in one today to start enjoying these and more benefits.

Tech Digest Correspondent