Understanding the Importance of Verification


One of the least exciting things about deciding to register on an online gambling platform is all the technicalities that you must face, including the verification of your betting account.

In this text, we will try the answer why online betting sites and casinos ask players to send their documents and verify their accounts and why this step is so important for both players and online operators.

What is account verification?

Before we dive into why account verification is important, we first must explain what is account verification. Nowadays, almost all online operators in the gambling industry, including Parimatch International, ask their players to provide evidence about their name, nationality, address, etc. To do this, players must submit parimatch verification documents after which the online operator will confirm their account.

Every operator can ask for a different set of documents, but most online operators ask players to submit documents such as a national identification document or a driver’s license. And to prove their residential address players need to submit their bank statement or utility bill.

For online operators, this step is very important, so many of them have made things easy for their customers by creating special forms in which players can upload their documents in a couple of seconds.

Why is verification important for gambling operators?

There are numerous reasons why verification of a player’s identity is important for gambling operators such as gambling laws, availability of products, availability of promotions, and safety and security.

Different regions have different gambling laws and to abide by these laws, online gambling sites don’t allow players from these regions to play real money games. Since today players can use several online applications to hide their IP address and the country they are playing from, operators implement account verification to prevent these players from playing.

Certain countries and regions allow players to use some online gambling products but not all. For this reason, online casinos and betting sites adjust their offer for those countries. They also use ID verification to confirm which players can use all the products and which can use only a portion.

Promotions are also subjected to laws and availability online casinos usually have a list of countries in which bonus offers are not available. To find out if a player is eligible for the offer, they must confirm their country of residence

Most online operators do everything in their power to provide their customers with an impeccable online gambling environment. This includes preventing players from creating multiple accounts and getting an unfair advantage for some services.

Almost all gaming operators will ask players to verify their accounts before they can make a withdrawal. This is because the casino wants to make sure that the funds go to the owner of an account and not a third person. By doing this, casinos prevent fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities.

Why is verification important for players?

While most players look at ID verification as an unnecessary hassle through which they must go before they jump into the exciting world of online gambling, the truth is that verification is as important for them as it is for the operators.

A verified online gambling account allows players to enjoy all the features and perks of online gambling without any restrictions. This includes bonuses, promotions, and special games.

Additionally, a verified account will help players to claim their case in from of third parties if there is a dispute between them and the gambling platform.

ID verification helps players protect their funds and account from fraudulent activities. It communicates to the casino everything about your data, meaning that a third party can’t make a withdrawal of your funds. This is why in some cases even if you have a verified account and want to make a large withdrawal, some online operators will ask you to provide extra documents. This is to make sure that the money goes to the person it should.

Finally, there are some countries in which casino and betting winning are taxable, so to pay tax, players need to get a writing confirmation from the operator where the money comes from. Of course, this can only be done if the player has a verified account with all the necessary details about their name, date of birth, nationality, residential address, etc.


While ID verification can be a boring and sometimes a complicated process, there is no doubt that it is a necessary one.  It provides both the gambling platform and the player with the necessary security and information that leads to a more pleasant online experience. And while this text won’t make ID verification more fun, it will at least help you to understand why it is a must.

Tech Digest Correspondent