Every HR needs these 7 types of software 

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Have you heard of the employee life cycle? It is a structure that helps HRs understand the journey of an employee from the phase of recruitment to the phase of resignation. HRs have to manage employees on a daily basis and it can be very tedious doing everything manually. Thanks to technology, we have a lot of software solutions that can help you at each stage of the employee lifecycle. 

You may or may not employ all the software solutions mentioned below. Analyze your need and the size of your organization. 

Recruiting or applicant tracking software 

Applicant tracking or recruiting software provides a single platform for businesses to manage their whole recruitment and hiring process. Recruiters can use these software programs to post job vacancies on job websites and media platforms. It also lets you store job applications and CVs. Filtering the candidates to find the best can be done with the help of such software too. You can monitor applicants through the recruiting process, evaluate and score candidates, and, finally, present an offer of employment all through this single platform. By leveraging the data-driven insights and streamlined workflows provided by hiring software for agencies, you can make informed hiring decisions that align with your client’s needs and organizational objectives.


The next stage in the employee lifecycle is onboarding. HR professionals may use onboarding software to make the onboarding process run more smoothly. 

HR software is the cornerstone of efficient hiring procedures, enabling businesses to handle the whole hiring process with ease. Such innovative tools not only simplify candidate tracking and application management but also enhance the onboarding experience. By integrating comprehensive onboarding features, these software solutions enable HR professionals to facilitate a smooth transition for new hires.

They assist in automating administrative tasks, providing relevant training modules, and ensuring a cohesive assimilation into the company culture. This holistic approach within the HR software for recruitment optimises efficiency, ensuring that the hiring and onboarding phases align seamlessly, benefiting both the company and its newly onboarded talent.

HRs can use the program to manage initial paperwork, educate employees about the firm, provide them with an on-demand training session, and track their progress. It’s great for managing the onboarding process and increasing employee engagement. 

This is also beneficial to newcomers. Their documentation is simplified, and they have a good concept of the firm ahead of time. 

The onboarding process must be seamless, customizable, and should allow effective communication. An onboarding program will simplify the process of onboarding for both HR and new recruits.

Payroll software

Payroll software supports businesses in keeping track of employee pay rates and automating payroll operations. Payroll software can compute total pay, debit the company bank account for the correct amount, and transmit payments to employees. Some of these software solutions also let employees view their paycheck online to check if they are getting the right salary. Please also check out this check stub maker.

Time and attendance tracking 

Time and attendance tracking automates the tracking of schedules and employee attendance. There is more to it. It allows your employees to enter the check-in and out of their shifts, ask for a shift change or leave and view their schedule as well. It is a must-have for businesses that hire employees on a contract basis to keep track of time. Keeping track of these things makes sure you are making correct payments to respective employees. 


A Learning Management System will assist you in conducting successful online training programs for new as well as existing employees. It houses all types of content formats like articles, images, videos, etc. On a single platform, you can provide all the training course material to your employees. 

Moreover, you can track employee performance and get analytical reports based on it. It also sends automated reminders and notifications to the employees. You can use the gamification feature and create a fun training session that does not feel like a burden. One such tool is Paycom online application that can be used to train employees easily with resources that are not only engaging but relevant as well. 

Performance management 

Performance management tools can reduce your workload by automating the performance tracking process. It enables the automation of processes such as gathering feedback, records management, and sharing performance reports with various stakeholders. 

Administration of benefits

Enrolling your employees in some benefits, such as life insurance, necessitates a significant amount of paperwork. When workers wish to modify their preferences, it may be quite time-consuming to do so without the use of technology. Employers can use benefits administration software to preserve digital records of all the benefits provided to each employee. Employees have the ability to make adjustments whenever they need. It eliminates the need for a lot of paperwork and lengthy procedures to make corrections.

Exit management 

Another responsibility for HRs at the conclusion of the employee life cycle is employee resignation. Exit management software is essential for making the resignation process as easy as possible for both the employer and the employee. Exit interviews, resignation applications, and confirmation by the management providing experience letters, and so on are among the features that this software has. 

Bottom line 

You don’t need to buy all these software programs. You can think about what your company and the HR team need the most at the moment and buy accordingly. Based on this analysis you can decide what to use. 

There is also some software that has combined two or more software functionalities into one. For example, HR payroll software provides HR Management, Talent management and acquisition, time and attendance, and employee management features in addition to the payroll module. You can do your research and find the tech that fits your needs and budget well. 


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