Tech Digest daily roundup: OneWeb to fly on SpaceX rockets

Image: Space X

The London-based satellite company OneWeb will resume launches of its spacecraft using rockets operated by its American competitor, SpaceX. Both firms are building constellations in the sky to deliver broadband internet connections. But while SpaceX can send up its Starlink system using its own rockets, OneWeb was left looking for rides when the Ukraine war forced it to abandon the use of Russian Soyuz vehicles. OneWeb has now contracted SpaceX. It’s hoped the first of a series of launches can take place before the end of the year. BBC 

Campaigners have warned that new guidance from the College of Policing on the use of facial recognition technology means victims of crimes and potential witnesses could be placed on police watchlist. The college said the new advice for forces in England and Wales will make sure use of facial recognition technology is “legal and ethical”, but civil liberty groups branded it as an “atrocious policy and a hammer blow for privacy and liberty”. They claim it could mean people with mental health problems are placed on a list if sought by police. Sky News 

The Apple TV app just got a serious downgrade on devices running Google software. Those accessing the app on the Android TV or Google TV platforms will no longer be able to rent or buy films, flatpanelshd reports. Instead of the rent or buy buttons, you’ll see a new ‘How to watch’ option. This pushes you towards Apple’s own ecosystem with the legend: “You can buy, rent or subscribe in the Apple TV app on iPhoneiPad, and other streaming devices“. The Apple TV app landed on Google TV just over a year ago, and on Android TV last summer. It brought access to the paid-for Apple TV+ streaming service, channels, and the ability to buy and rent movies. What HiFi

Drivers have been warned that electric car charger thefts are on the rise as thousands of motorists switch from petrol and diesel vehicles. Both cables and chargers are being stolen and could cost drivers up to £700 for a replacement unit. There are currently around 400,000 electric cars and 750,000 hybrid vehicles on the road with sales of EVs up 80 percent since last year. But with all new cars being powered by electricity after 2030, experts believe thieves will increasingly make EVs their new target instead of catalytic converters…The scrap value for materials in a cable may be worth around £50. Second hand chargers are being sold for around £200. Express 

In March 2021, Assassin’s Creed co-creator and former Stadia Games and Entertainment head Jade Raymond announced that she’d launched a new studio called Haven. The studio was “independent” but backed by Sony, and its first project was described as a “new IP for PlayStation.” It sounded very much like a PlayStation studio in all but name, and now it’s official: PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst announced today that Sony has acquired Haven. PC Gamer


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