Deepfakes are so perfect and so dangerous

Fraud or extortion are the main risks of deepfake

You are probably thinking about fake news. Yes, deepfakes are part of this group. However, this concept goes beyond just reporting fake news. It is a technological tool that can manipulate information at record levels. If you want to find out a little more about what this is all about, go to, and you will be amazed at what can be done thanks to this technology. Talking about deepfakes will be very common in this new digital world.

What would you find more credible: a written statement or a video? Of course, if you see it with your eyes, there is no doubt that it is real. Well, this is the purpose of deepfake: to make you believe, through videos, that something is real. What is more, it can make you believe that a person has said something when, in reality, that person could have been asleep, travelling or even dead. 

It is true that this type of technology can have some benefits. This can be quite attractive if, for example, you want to remember a famous person. Thanks to deepfake, your favourite character can live on in the digital world and entertain many, even though he or she no longer exists in the real world. Clearly here, there may be many opinions on the matter and there are those who would still not accept this kind of manipulation.

Yes, technology is sometimes scary. Indeed, more and more people are asking these questions: What are the limits of artificial intelligence? Is it ethical to operate in this way? What can come after this? In fact, some are using deepfakes for unintended purposes, and here is the rub: deepfakes are so perfect and so dangerous. That is right. Replicating people moving should be taken seriously.

Deepfakes can become a weapon, completely dangerous for society. Some examples are the cases in which fake presidents of some countries have provided false information. In essence, it is about digital twins which spread fake news and make others believe it is true.

So, how do you know what is true or false? It is simple. The basic recommendation is to do your research before using any information you can find on the Internet. Don’t believe everything you see, and only trust sites that really guarantee your safety.

With the pandemic, people have changed their way of doing things, and they are mainly using the digital platforms to do everything. It is therefore necessary to be well-informed.

You have to be smart in your choices. Whether it is for shopping or even just for fun and games. In the latter case, in particular, you have to be careful because of the wide range of games you can find online. Rely on sites such as where you can find honest reviews and expert guides. Once you are armed with the power of good information about online gambling in your region, you can play at safe, reliable sites and have fun while you aim for gold. If it is out there, they have reviewed it!

Think about how many hours a day you spend surfing the Internet. Every second means a possible risk of falling into the hands of malicious agents which can cause serious harm to you. However, this does not mean that you throw away your mobile phone or refrain from using technology. Of course not. It would be to go backwards and cut yourself off from all the good things that are there for you.

As well as you know about this, businesses involved with technology have been recognizing these types of risks for years. And that is not all. They have also been preparing themselves to face situations like these.

However, eliminating all kinds of false information that you can find in the digital world will require so many efforts and controls at various organizational levels. This has not yet been achieved. However, big tech companies, such as Google, are acting to address this reality. To know more, go to Fake news is the common thread these days, and the major search engines are well aware of this.







Tech Digest Correspondent