Which Casino Games Will Gain the Most from 5G?


It’s been a long time coming and there’s been huge anticipation – but now 5G is being rolled out on a large basis and we’re finally discovering its advantages over 4G. Anyone who’s lucky enough to have a phone that’s 5G-ready and uses it in an area where it’s set up and good to go will already have a good idea about the improvements. For example, it can download a movie or a video in a mere fraction of the time it used to take on 4G and also downloads in a far higher quality than before.

It’s also something that’s going to be great for anyone who likes to play in online casinos, and some games are going to gain more than others from this development.

Slot reels

One group of people set to benefit greatly are those who play online slots for fun. Previously, the norm was to enjoy these games on a desktop device, but the trend is now to play them on the go. The games themselves have also been getting gradually more sophisticated with titles like The Gates of Valhalla including multiple features including tumbles in which winning symbols are automatically replaced with new ones, roaming wilds that can multiply wins, as well as free spins rounds. These all add to the data being transferred from site to player and 5G will make this a smoother, faster process.

The soundtracks to slot games also play an important part in the overall experience so the good news continues in that the audio stream promises to be even higher quality than the already-excellent 4G service.

Dealer Button & Cards” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by World Poker Tour

Live casino

Another big favourite of the online casino player is the live casino. If you’ve never encountered this before, it involves games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat being live-streamed to players with actual dealers running the show.

As you’d expect, this relies on fast data speeds, both upload and download, if the play is going to be as seamless as it would be in the actual casinos that this version aims to emulate. 5G is set to ensure that the connection will be fast and secure, with no annoying buffering or drop-outs in the middle of the game.

An additional benefit is also going to be that it will be faster to get going once a game has been chosen. This is because it’s always necessary to download the game software before you start playing. Then, once you have, it can sometimes take a few moments for the camera in the casino to connect to. Hopefully, this will also become a thing of the past with 5G.

Looking to the future, there is plenty of potential. Both virtual and augmented reality are set to be the next big things in the development of online casinos, as well as in plenty of other fields. By using 5G, it’s going to hugely advance the ability to create the immersive experiences VR and AI involve.

So it all adds up to the fact that 5G is good news for players, great news for casinos and excellent news for the games we’ll all be able to play.

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