Essential Changes Bound to Impact the UK Gambling Industry


The Gambling Industry in the UK is no stranger to changes and has been constantly viewing the same, especially with the Gambling Act 2005. As the UK Gambling Commission was set up, these changes have come with time and brought about a significant impact that has gone a long way to make sense. 

So let’s take a look at some of the most important changes that have not only created an impact but brought about a different outlook towards everything. 

The Curious Case of Using Credit Cards 

One of the most significant and impactful changes that gamblers in the UK have come to witness is the ban on the use of credit cards for casino payments. Since April 2020, players have been barred from making deposits or withdrawing funds relating to gambling through a credit card. 

You can also not fund your e-wallet with the help of your credit card and numerous experts have seen this move as a good one. They also believe that this particular ban will reduce the impact of gambling harm and all that it has been doing to humanity.

Established Rules to Prevent Underage Gambling 

Be it Baccarat or scratch cards online, underage gambling is not something people need to be promoting. Only the ones who have the might to take financial decisions and the capacity of carrying them forward should be able to gamble, which is why there is an age limit for gambling. However, these rules haven’t been as effective as one would hope them to be. 

Hence, the gambling commission has now introduced strict measures to prevent underage gambling and under the new rules, operators will have to perform KYC checks before allowing players to make deposits. So unless you have passed this test and come out as a verified user, you won’t be able to play casino games on the casino floor.

A Safe Online Slot Gaming Experience

The easy set of rules and the availability of online slots makes it easier for players to come forward and explore this game. But they are also playing it repeatedly and thus are losing a lot of money. So new rules have been introduced to limit this usage and one among them is that the slot spin speed should not be quicker than 2.5 seconds. 

Other features, which are meant to make the gameplay faster should also be barred from the game and if there is any other kind of messages that provide players with a false sense of winning profit, they also need to be gone. These rules are meant to make the online slot gaming experience safer and better for all kinds of players. 

Limiting VIP Schemes for Young Players

According to the new set of rules, online casinos are also not allowed to offer VIP schemes, especially the ones of high value to gamblers below the age of 25. Players who have crossed the age limit will be subject to other checks, including their gambling activity in order to be aware of the one who is eligible for this scheme.

So the new rule to limit these schemes is another one that is meant to tackle specific problems being found with young gamblers and it is already bearing an impact. Considering the risks involved with gambling, it is always a good idea to follow certain rules and bring about a change to the ones who will be playing casino games. 

Hence, those were some of the most common changes that the gambling industry in the UK has been going through.

Tech Digest Correspondent