Are Online Slots Setting an Example to the Gaming Industry with Their Security Protocols?


As the online gaming world continues to get bigger and better, players are aware of the risks involved with sharing payment details on websites and at internet stores. Safety and security are among the top things that gamers look for and, if they believe a site to be untrustworthy, they will simply play elsewhere.

Due to the excessive competition in the online casino industry, these sites have had to install more rigorous protocols than others. Slots are the top games, and these have several systems in place to ensure players can enjoy them safely.

The Best Slots Have Various Protocols in Place

When players log on to online casinos to play Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold and other popular slots, one of the most common things they look for is the trustworthiness of the site. Therefore, the operator usually finds it prudent to mention that it has all the correct licences in place and is fully regulated by the relevant gaming commissions. Operators can also control the security of the site in general, incorporating things like multifactor authentication when players are asked to input payment details.


The developers of the slots themselves install a few features to help make them safe and reliable. All slot games use a random number generator and are programmed to pay out based on a percentage of what has been staked. Regulatory bodies test the machines to make sure they run in the way the developer describes, and then approve them for release if they are up to scratch.  

MMORPGs Have to be Watertight

Another genre of game that must ensure that it always offers a safe playing experience is the MMORPG. These titles give players the chance to coexist in sprawling online universes that are usually put in place by a single central server. Early games like Diablo were heavily criticised for their lack of security measures and, subsequently, games that have succeeded it have had to go to greater lengths to ensure that players can enjoy the games as the safe havens they aim to be.  

Developers aim to ensure that they build the server complex correctly so that there is no way hackers can penetrate the defences and access player information. This is done by securing every machine connected to the game with firewalls. The server itself should also be in a locked area so that it can’t be tampered with physically.

Tips For Players

Players have a responsibility themselves to be vigilant when playing online, as there are risks everywhere. Before signing up for any games, it’s always wise to read the small print and make sure everything’s legitimate. Checking the licences is a good idea, and if a site uses established payment methods it’s a good sign.

For MMORPG players, it’s often the online forums associated with them that have weak protocols in place, so it’s imperative not to share any sensitive information on these.

Because the online slots market is one of the busiest in the world, the games must have security measures in place. As other offshoots of gaming grow and involve more players, developers will look to games like these for tips on how to implement the best protocols.

Chris Price