The Ultimate Gaming Room


Twitchers, Glitchers game streamers alike all fathom the holy grail of the beautiful setup. An ideal desired by many but achieved by a few. You see, before you sit down, take the controller and fire up the latest game you have been waiting for; for me, it is the GOD of war pc, after partaking in the sequel for years on the PlayStation. This game is by far among my top ten games. All the action and mechanics made me feel more immersed and involved in the game. 

The other day, I was on Twitch, and all I could notice was the ambiance brought about by the lighting. I could only imagine gaming in such a room all through the night. The lighting in the background made the rooms look like a scene straight from Star Wars. I am not talking about your ordinary lighting like led bulbs and stuff. This was legitimate bright lighting that appeared to change the colors of the walls. It was a glow straight from a house concert. Not like the full-blown Tomorrowland, but something close enough not to burn your eyes with brightness.

These lights are thin led strips that are stuck along any surface that one requires. I would stick mine along the bottom of my gaming desk and behind my monitor. Apart from the cool colors it comes with, there are some pre-programmed patterns. So, remember how I compared them to concert lights, so these patterns include a waterfall simulation. There are more pre-programmed patterns that you can change with a remote.

Back to gaming for a second. We all know how music intensifies when the action in a game gets tight. The levels of excitement and suspense rise as we plunder the enemy to ashes, watching as the life-bar of the poor assailant unlucky to meet me with all my Leviathan Axe and the Blade of Chaos unlocked. If you have played God of War, you know how savage the axe can be. It is the ultimate meaning of slow but sure. Now combine that with a fast Blade of Chaos, and your progress through the game is rapid.

At some point, the music and action are in sync, and it is like an orchestra with an unending climax. My sole purpose is to get through any enemies and conquer the game. All the while, my room lights with these brilliant LED light strips in room. I have one connected to Alexa, and the other one is synced to the game’s sounds. My room is part of the game because the lights respond to the peaks and lows of the orchestra that I conduct in-game. The thrill and immersion when the main room lights are off are unbelievable. 

Thanks to Lepro, the lights are affordable, and they come with easy instructions to connect. For all of your DIY masters, it is easier than switching your phone screen cover. If you want to take your gaming room to the next level, be my guest.

Tech Digest Correspondent