How Barrington Freight Can Help You Import/Export Your Electronic Goods

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Barrington Freight is an
international freight forwarding company based in the UK that has a wealth of experience with the import and export of electronic goods. Located in Essex, the firm is situated close to some of the UK’s major containerised seaports and air hubs. As members of the British International Freight Association, Barrington Freight is a trusted name when it comes to a wide variety of goods. Whether you are importing fully finished consumer electronic products or exporting components, how can Barrington Freight help your shipments to arrive on time? Read on to find out.

Importing Post-Brexit

Many businesses have found that their usual way of doing things has altered dramatically following the UK’s departure from the European Union. Insofar as electronic goods are concerned, the UK still applies the same standards as the EU. For example, the EU’s electrical goods wastage directive (WEEE) will still apply in the vast majority of cases for British products, certainly those which are the same as those on the continent. Despite the similarities between the UK’s internal market and the EU, importers now need to complete more paperwork than they did before.

Barrington Freight can help with this. Whether it is confirming you have the right EORI number, a correctly-declared VAT number or the correct labelling on the products you are importing, our team of experts will take care of the documentation. It is also worth bearing in mind that UK customs officials will also want to see the right commodity codes on the paperwork that comes with imported electrical products. For example, chapter 86 commodity codes apply to TVs and audio equipment but chapter 84 would be required for robotics and computing. Get it wrong and your imports can be delayed.

Of course, you can source your electrical products and components outside of the EU, too. China is a well-known producer of electronic products, for example. However, the same regulations would apply with all of the same paperwork that you need to get right or face longer waits and – in the worst cases – impounded deliveries.

Exporting Electronic Goods

When most firms, especially smaller ones, are exporting electronic goods, they will also often need help to make the right customs declarations. Specialist freight forwarding companies, like Barrington Freight, have the expertise to deal with these declarations. As such, it is often best to let your freight forwarder make customs declarations for you. This is especially so if the electronic goods you want to export have been in temporary storage for more than fourteen days, since particular exit summary declarations may apply in such cases. It is this in-depth knowledge of freight forwarding that so many SMEs simply don’t have, of course.

Finally, it is worth noting that exports of electronic goods can also be delayed if you choose the wrong shipment method. In other words, it isn’t all about getting the documentation right! Barrington Freight has plenty of know-how in when and how to procure an international courier service or when air freight may be more beneficial to meet an order requirement than, say, shipping via a container vessel.

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