10 pieces of technology from the comics people hate in real life

Ryan Reynolds in “Green Lantern.”Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures

Marvel and DC are the best places to go when you want to talk about technology. You look at their gadgets and just want your hands on them.

However, will they be of any use if we get them in real life? Let’s take a look.

1) Green Lantern’s Ring

It is funny to think how a superhero who has to save the world also needs to charge his ring daily. It in itself is the biggest flaw with Green Lantern. Imagine being a member of the green lantern, and while you are fighting an antagonist, you stop merely to charge your ring. It would just become a nuisance when you are trying to fight off some muggers and find that your ring has a low battery. Way to save our lives, hero.

2) Ultron

In Marvel Comics, Hank Pym created an Artificial Intelligence Peacekeeper known as Ultron. But, it got out of control. As he regains consciousness, he plans to exterminate the entire human race starting with killing off the Avengers.

If Ultron is the outcome, we should consider deploying our greatest minds for anything other than AI. That robot only spells destruction for anyone who comes near it, even its creator. Just think about what it will do to the harmless people around it.

We are sure that those who have watched Marvel movies in order would know exactly what we’re talking about!

3) Doctor Doom’s Aggression Enhancer

Doctor Doom, Reed Richards’ frequent opponent, has a variety of potentially harmful inventions under his control, including the Aggression Enhancer. He constructed it as a joke during the Acts of Vengeance event. The little robotic gadget sent a signal that impacted nearby super-villains, causing them to attack the Fantastic Four with increased aggression. In the real world, tons of people agree there is enough aggression. It might just supercharge abusers or individuals with anger management issues. It may be a joke for Doctor Doom, but it is not a joke for us.

4) Klaw’s Sonic Blaster

Ulysses Klaue is better known as Klaw, the Master of Sound. It is because he creates a powerful sonic blaster fueled by Vibranium stolen from Wakanda. The lethal sonic blaster even changed his own body and converted him into a being of pure sound, but it would get despised in the actual world for numerous reasons.

People in the city already have to deal with noise complaints. Whether it may be from noisy parties or racing motorbikes on the streets. Without even considering the dangerous weapon component, if ordinary people got access to the mighty sonic blaster, there would be constant disturbance all-around plus unusually bizarre sound beings walking around. Who wants that?

5) The Batmobile

The Batmobile is a vehicle operated by The Batman. His car/truck is in the Batcave and is both a fully armed tactical assault vehicle and a personalized custom-built chase and capture vehicle utilized by The Batman in his struggle against crime. Wayne Enterprises built the majority of the prototype military-grade gear while using the most recent civilian performance technologies.

The Batmobile, as awesome as it looks, would present a significant threat to people around it. If the public ever learns that Bruce Wayne is Batman, the first thing they will presumably ask is why he spent so much money building his crime-fighting super tank when he could have fixed Gotham’s infrastructure.

6) Superior Iron Man’s Extremis 3.0 App

The Extremis 3.0 App supposedly allows its users to download the Extremis virus 3.0 into their bodies to achieve the perfect body. The software performed nothing more than act as a trigger for the effects of Extremis through a supersonic frequency.

A culture that already struggles with an addiction to social media, which is filled to the brim with negative body images and low beauty standards would be a catastrophic piece of technology. The moral of the story is you do not need an app to change the way you look. You are already beautiful or handsome in every possible way.

7) S.H.I.E.L.D.’S Helicarriers

The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, And Logistics Division is better known as S.H.I.E.L.D. While the acronym’s meaning has evolved through time, their most common kind of Aircraft troops carrier has remained the Superior vehicle known as the Helicarrier. While it impressed fans in The Avengers (2012), fans were quite disturbed when they found out while watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) what else the helicarrier could do.

In the winter soldier, it gets revealed that the Nazi science division, known as Hydra, had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D to Assassinate Civilians. Fortunately, those plans get stopped by Captain America. However, things take a turn when it gets revealed that a helicarrier crashed down and numerous casualties in the Civil War (2016). With the several planes crashes in the real world, it is not a good idea to get another floating object.

8) Batman’s Mirror-Cowl

When Batman battles the strange enemy known as the Mirror-Man, who invented the machine built of mirrors that could see through Batman’s cowl and expose his hidden identity. When Batman gets revealed for the first time as Bruce Wayne, no one believes him. Therefore, Mirror-Man uses the equipment a second time. The picture fails, but Batman admits that he created a unique mask constructed of broken mirrors to wear beneath his ordinary cowl to prevent the machine from working.

In reality, this is a terrible idea. Batman is essentially pressing shattered razor-sharp glass over his face. A single strike from an opponent would be equivalent to putting his face through a wood chipper. It would have been simpler to utilize a reflective mask but, who cares when Batman does things the hard way.

9) Doctor Doom’s Time Platform

Time platforms might be exceptional, like the X-Men use it when they need to travel through time.

Though multiple villains have used the Time Platform to change their own history for the better, Several of the theoretical physicists (not Sheldon Cooper) would agree. It would generate havoc in the hands of basically anyone attempting to travel back in time. Let history be the way it is, sure some things in the past need to be changed but, it could create a paradox in the future that is why we can not change time.

10) Spidey Signal

In the earlier days of comics when spiderman came to save the citizens, he shows the muggers his big logo coming out from his belt to warn them that he is coming. However, nowadays, there would be a lot of angry neighbors if everyone had their own high-powered belt signal.

They would be sick of having their living rooms flooded with a custom-made logo. Not to mention the number of people who would get blinded due to badly deployed signal flashes.

Do you agree that people would hate these 10 pieces of technology in real life? Let us know in the comments!


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