The Future of Porch Piracy Protection: 6 Future-Forward Solutions for Preventing Package Theft

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Have you ever gotten an alert that your tracked package arrived, only to come home to an empty stoop or mailbox? Porch pirates are the opportunistic thieves of today’s e-commerce-driven world. These thieves snag waiting parcels from doorways and porches, making off with your much-needed goods. 

Luckily, you don’t have to leave your deliveries at the mercy of anyone who walks past. Many options are on the market to help keep porch pirates at bay, including digital mailboxes, security cameras, and package tracking apps. Here are six future-forward solutions to help you keep your next delivery safe. 

A virtual address

One excellent way to circumvent porch pirates is to rent a virtual address to receive your mail for you. Staffed locations from providers like iPostal1 safely accept and store your mail until you’re ready to schedule a pickup or have it forwarded to you. By incorporating human safeguards, you’ll never have to worry about mail thieves again. 

A parcel box

Parcel boxes, or porch lockboxes, allow the courier to leave your package at your doorstep without anyone else accessing it. These receptacles work in the same way that post office drop boxes do, meaning they require a key or passcode to open. An added benefit is that the package is not visible, so there’s no way to tempt any criminally inclined passersby. Lockboxes are also made of resilient materials, so if someone tries to break in, they likely won’t succeed. 

Outdoor security cameras

There’s no shortage of watchful eyes you can install in your home. To maximize security cameras’ use, make them visible and direct the camera’s angle to point to your doorstep or the location where your delivery people leave packages. Most security cameras now have associated smartphone apps so you can reference your phone for real-time updates and alerts.

Video doorbells

Similar to security cameras, video doorbells are experiencing a boom in the market. Not only do these doorbells alert you to movement within range of the camera, but they also allow you to speak directly to a person who is at your door. Most, like Nest or Ring, are very easy to install and sport excellent customer reviews. 

A package tracking application

Rather than viewing the package upon delivery, tracking apps enable you to follow your parcel throughout its journey and receive notifications once it arrives at its final destination. This way, you can plan ahead and ensure that the package will not be left unattended. You can also easily share the information with others if you need someone else to receive the parcel for you.

Amazon Locker

Thousands of people purchase items from Amazon every day, and the unique packaging of deliveries can lure thieves to your doorstep. To combat porch piracy, Amazon offers delivery to their trademarked Amazon Lockers. 

The storage lockers are conveniently located at corner pharmacies, grocery stores, and other publically traversed locations. At checkout, select the nearest Amazon Locker as your address (there is no fee to use the locker), and once your package has arrived, you will receive a passcode to access your package’s locker. 


Though they may not wear eyepatches and peg legs, porch pirates are a significant concern in today’s world. Incorporating a few upgrades and swaps into your delivery routine lets you avoid seeing your packages walk the plank into criminal hands.

Tech Digest Correspondent