Most damaging cybercrime kit costs less than $500 on dark web


According to data presented by the Atlas VPN research team, the equipment needed to carry out cybersecurity attacks costs anywhere between $66 and $500 on the dark web – hardly a barrier to entry for most cybercriminals.
Cybercrime has been dominating the headlines of many technology-related websites for at least the last two years. There is a valid reason for the attention – criminals are increasingly more successful in their cyber-attack attempts, sometimes profiting thousands of dollars from a single intrusion.
Analysts from Microsoft provided the costs of these tools in their Digital Defense Report, released in October 2021. Spearphishing attacks cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000. Spearphishing differs from regular phishing attacks because they are targeted towards a specific victim, be it an organization or an individual.
Denial of service (DoS) attacks are among the most common types of attacks in the cybercrime world. Hackers charge around $311 to send a barrage of DoS attacks for a month. These attacks are meant to overflood a specific network with traffic to the extent that it becomes unavailable for its users.

You can also hire a hacker for any specific job that is out of the ordinary scope of offers. One job usually costs around $250. This can include hacking into someone’s social media accounts, credit card scams, identity theft, and so on. 

One of the most widely used cyberattacks – ransomware, cost as little as $66 per kit. Worth noting that usually, the kit has to be modified to the specific job. 

Compromised credentials are available for as little as $0.97 per 1000. Due to countless breaches over the past few years, there is no shortage of stolen passwords and username pairs. The hacker does not guarantee that the credentials will be of any use, as the victim may have changed the password or may not re-use the same credentials over multiple accounts.

After purchasing a package of credentials, the criminals use software that automatically tries the username and password combinations on various websites and services. 

Services sold between hackers

Innovative hacking technologies have been mostly developed by large hacker groups. Smaller groups or individual hackers do not have enough resources to develop such software.
As a result, there is a demand for specific services, which are being sold on the dark web. Many organized crime groups (OCGs) interact with one another on the dark web in private forums. 
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