Citroen announces 1,000 reservations for AMI EV

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  • Citroën is pleased to announce the figure of 1,000 AMI reservations in the UK was reached over the weekend of Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October.
  • 1,130 reservations have now been received since started accepting £250 refundable reservation fees for AMI on Wednesday 22 September.
  • The number of individuals who have registered their interest in AMI now stands at 14,000.
  • Scheduled to arrive in spring 2022, UK versions of AMI will remain left-hand drive 

The landmark figure of 1,000 AMI reservations has just been reached in the UK – less than two weeks after the vehicle became available to reserve online (Wednesday 22 September).

To be precise, a total of 1,130 reservations for the distinctive-looking EV have been received since the website began accepting £250 refundable reservation fees for Citroën AMI in the UK. Furthermore, 14,000 individuals have now registered their interest in AMI in the UK.

Those still interested in joining the queue to secure their very own AMI are invited to do so online with a £250 refundable reservation fee ahead of the launch in spring 2022.

Citroën has expanded the personalisation options available on Citroën AMI, offering drivers the chance to customise their vehicle to reflect their own personality. 
The enhanced personalisation collection includes a series of decorative graphics in six new patterns designed by the Citroën team: ‘Jungle’ to give AMI a wild side, ‘Tutti Frutti’ for your five-a-day, the ever-so-‘British Globetrotter’, ‘Camo’ for a techno look, ‘Tribe’ for nature-lovers and ‘Trendy’ to keep it chic.
Customers in France also have the option to awaken their inner artist by creating bespoke designs from their own photos to display on their AMI. 

All customers are reminded that AMI will be adapted for the UK market, but will remain left-hand drive for getting out at the kerbside when parking at the roadside in city centres. Citroën claims the AMI is a daring response to the challenges faced in today’s cities and urban environments.

As a 100% electric vehicle, AMI emits zero-emissions in use and has a 5.5kWh battery that recharges in just three hours. With a range of 46 miles and a top speed of 28mph, AMI is billed as modern solution that delivers on Citroën’s promise to provide affordable and clean mobility solutions – and what it lacks in power, it makes up for in style.

AMI’s zero-emission credentials ensure it is exempt from Congestion and Ultra-low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) charges. With London’s ULEZ due to be extended in October 2021, and other cities looking to introduce similar measures, AMI is billed as a ‘future-proof’ solution to urban mobility concerns in many parts of the UK.

UK pricing and supply arrangements will be announced in due course, claims the manufacturer

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