Smart motorcycle helmet adds what3words navigation


CrossHelmet, a smart motorcycle helmet with sound control and 360° visibility, now offers what3words voice entry to assist with navigation. This partnership allows riders to navigate to any precise 3x3m square.

CrossHelmet users can enable the technology from their helmet by long-pressing the control panel button to activate what3words voice entry. After this, they can simply speak the three words of the what3words address for their specific destination to receive navigation directions, eliminating many of the frustrations that can happen when entering regular street addresses.

Street addresses are difficult to enter into navigation systems, don’t cover large parts of the world and can be imprecise. Voice-activated destination input with what3words has been designed to allow riders to safely and quickly set the navigation while paying attention to the road ahead.

Says Arata Oono, CEO and Founder of CrossHelmet:

“Motorcycles have evolved faster than helmets have. CrossHelmet brings state of the art technology to a safety staple that has remained largely the same over the years. And by adding what3words voice entry to our helmets, we are continuing to revolutionise the riding experience. It’s really exciting for us to integrate innovative technology like what3words to continue developing the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet.”

Adds Chris Sheldrick, CEO and Co-founder of what3words comments:

“If you’re a motorcyclist, it’s crucial that you’re able to navigate with ease and precision. CrossHelmet’s next-generation helmets are designed to transform the riding experience, which can be taken to another dimension with simple and straightforward navigation. Users can now ride to their exact destination by simply speaking the three words of their what3words address.”

CrossHelmet is now available in the US, Japan, UK and Germany. 

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