Police investigate Ford Mach-E electric vehicle

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Ford Mach-E
The new Ford Mach-E has already caught the imagination of car enthusiasts, but now a new client has also shown interest – the UK’s police force.

Such has been the enthusiasm of the British police for Ford’s stunning new all-electric SUV that so far seven forces have either tested the new vehicle or requested a full evaluation of a specially-built concept car.

And the concept, in full ‘blue light’ livery, is on display at the Emergency Services Show, at the NEC, Birmingham on 7-8 September.

The test car was built following many enquiries from UK police forces looking for greener solutions to the current products currently available to them.

The Metropolitan Police Force has already appraised the standard Mustang Mach-E and has now requested a full evaluation of the marked concept. Also waiting for an opportunity to try the new 999 vehicle are the Sussex, Surrey, South Wales, Dyfed Powys, Devon & Cornwall and Police Scotland forces.

The initial concept is a demonstrator Mustang Mach-E Standard Range AWD (all-wheel drive). Subject to testing of this model, Ford is planning to offer Extended Range version of its RWD (rear-wheel drive) and AWD versions. The extended battery types would give the police even greater range, and therefore versatility and capability, for police operations.

Capable of 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds (GT version) and 111mph, it’s hoped the Mach-E will be a useful weapon against crime at the same time as proving one of the most economical and environmentally-friendly cars in the fleet. 

Chris Price
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