Create Memorable Experiences With Snappic’s VideoFX Feature


Whether you are using a virtual photo booth or have set up a permanent installation at your corporate headquarters, Snappic’s feature-rich photo booth technology means that some very memorable experiences are just waiting to happen. Anyone who operates your photo booth with our software installed on it will be able to enjoy some truly remarkable features!  

For example, how about trying out our fun digital props or our social sharing features which people often enjoy experimenting with? These functions make Snappic’s photo booth technology a cut above, of course, but what often makes it really stand out from the crowd is our fantastic array of video effects.

The Snappic VideoFX feature is really a series of multiple video features rolled into one. With it, you can create all sorts of different looks. For example, just applying one of our overlay effects means being able to produce numerous different finishing touches to a video. Adding graphics as an overlay will allow users to produce something they will remember for much longer than would be possible with a standard video without any post-production effects at all. 

The overlays that can then be chosen from the Snappic VideoFX suite create that little bit of extra magic so that the whole thing looks more professionally shot and produced. Indeed, the difference between the initial video and the finished product can be very eye-catching, just like the difference you would expect of a broadcast standard pop music video compared to a homemade video shot on a phone. 

However, it is not just the use of overlay effects users will enjoy when they start exploring our VideoFX features. Jumps, cuts and pans can all be used to good effect, too. For instance, you can create jumps that make it seem as though the video has been professionally put together in an editing suite or simply use the software to make it look as though the camera is panning – moving from one side to the other – to create greater dynamism in the shot. 

There again, how about trying out the slow-mo effects that are available? Use these to slow the action down as something cool happens or simply to present some fast-moving action in a way that can be seen more clearly. Then, the video can return to normal speed or even introduce an additional effect!

Of course, there are many more VideoFX to play with. Why not create some moving pop art with our multi layouts that replicate the action in split-screen mode or use double exposure effects for some truly jaw-dropping visuals? We also offer intros and outros for some professional polish on your user’s mini-masterpieces, not to mention funky glitch FX as well as a raft of other effects and filters that they can play with. 

Of course, you don’t have to add effects to any of the videos created using our cutting edge photo booth software but doing so will help to create something altogether more exciting and unforgettable.


Chris Price