10 million plan to buy iPhone 13 – but 1 in 3 want better battery!

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Ten million mobile users are planning to buy the upcoming iPhone 13 in the next 12 months, with four million fans set to get one as soon as they’re launched, according to new research from price comparison site Uswitch.com.

Top of fans’ wish lists for the new device is a longer-lasting battery, sought by a third of potential purchasers (35%). And with last year’s top-end handset costing £1,099, it’s unsurprising that the next most common desire is lower prices, wanted by one in three Apple users (34%).

The launch of last year’s iPhone 12 saw Apple stop including a complimentary charger with the device. The move polarised fans, and more than a quarter of people looking to buy the new iPhone (27%) are hoping that Apple will have done a U-turn and included one this time.

Table: Top ten changes wanted in new iPhone


People wanting this change

Improved battery life


Cheaper price


A charger in the box


An upgrade to the camera


Faster processor


Better screen resolution


An edition with 1TB storage


Easier to navigate


More Apple original apps


A different general design


Source: Uswitch.com

More than a third of Apple users (38%) say they keep buying iPhones due to brand loyalty, while two fifths (42%) say that it is the ease of use that keeps them coming back.

Among Apple sceptics, more than half (54%) say that the main thing that deters them from buying an iPhone is the price. Meanwhile, two-fifths of those (41%) not planning to get the new device believe that iPhones are overrated. 

Says Catherine Hiley, mobiles expert at Uswitch.com:

 “Apple has the most loyal fans of any smartphone brand, and it’s no surprise that millions of iPhone users will be queueing up to get the newest device as soon as it launches.

“Despite an expected upgrade in the iPhone’s already bulging camera department and improvements to the pin-sharp screen, it’s sobering to think that longer battery life is the feature that the majority of people are most interested in.

“Cost is a concern for many users, with a lot of people looking for cheaper devices after a year of lockdown, but there will always be buyers for the top-of-the-line devices, despite their £1,000-plus price tags. 

“Consumer confidence is high and we’re expecting that the iPhone 13 launch could be bigger than anything we’ve seen from Apple for several years.”

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