How safe are cloud hosting services for business data?

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There are many advantages of using cloud hosting services. Data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, cloud services backup their own servers and have multiple copies of data available. That is an advantage against in-house data systems because it means if your premises should experience something like a fire, your data would remain completely safe in the cloud. However, business owners still worry about how secure their sensitive data is when using cloud hosting services. Cloud security has come a long way in the last few years, but precisely how safe are cloud hosting services for business data? Let us find out.

The Precise Cloud Host You Use Can Affect the Safety of Your Data

Before we look at how safe cloud hosting services are generally, it is worth pointing out that the security of one cloud hosting service will not necessarily be as robust as another. At the end of the day, the cloud is just another organization handling your data, in the same way as others that your business uses, so it is crucial you thoroughly research a provider to ensure it puts your business’s data security first before you choose to go with the provider. One of the best options to consider is the hybrid cloud file server from Gladinet. It comes with excellent features like active directory integration, global file locking, cloud drive mapping, and NTFS permission control integrations. With Gladinet’s hybrid cloud file server, you have a better way of migrating a file server to the cloud and you can avoid the costs of acquiring or managing storage servers. Of course, it also means your business data will be safe and secure.

Encryption Ensures Data Security

While cybersecurity can never be completely guaranteed by any organization, because cybercriminals are finding more and more sophisticated techniques via things like DDoS attacks and phishing, as long as you go with a reputable and reliable cloud hosting service, you should not overly worry about your business data falling into the wrong hands. That is because cloud hosting services utilize robust security measures to ensure the security of any information they are handling.

 One of the primary lines of defence cloud hosting services use is encryption. Complex algorithms are used to conceal data that is stored on the cloud. Without the encryption key, it is impossible for encrypted data to be decrypted. So, even if cybercriminals could get hold of the data, they would not be able to access it. Make sure the cloud hosting service you use provides local encryption and decryption for files and offers backup and storage to ensure your business information is completely safe.

Security Controls

Cloud hosting services also use several security controls to ensure your business data is safe at all times. Three of the most important controls that cloud hosting services use are preventative controls, detection controls, and reactive controls.

Preventative Control

Preventative controls basically help to strengthen the whole cloud system. The controls include things like authentication for users so that it is impossible for unauthorised users to access the system and deterrent controls that are effective in reducing system attacks.

Detection Controls

Detection controls monitor the system, network, and endpoints. They detect and respond to any incidents occurring against a system, to ensure any security issues are immediately found and dealt with.

Reactive Controls

If an attack does take place against the system, reactive controls can limit the damage. For instance, reactive controls could restore a system backup to rebuild the system.


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