Basic Strategies in League of Legends


League of Legends (LoL) has millions of players, and its popularity keeps soaring. It is no wonder that when you try to play the game when you are a novice, people will raise their eyebrows. Therefore, you need effective strategies to help you learn the basics and finish a match like a pro. Here are some of the best tips to ace yourself with:

1)  Learn Warding Tricks

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, learning how to place wards in LoL is essential. With the rightward placement, you can tell where the enemy is moving and rotating on the map, which helps you make better decisions. You can learn useful techniques on how to place wards safely without the enemy knowing when you are placing them.

Some of the wards you need to learn to place are objective wards, challenging wards, and early wards. You can see more of these tricks online and equip yourself with the knowledge to use them next to play the game.

2) Know What To Buy Before The Game Begins

There are some items you will regularly need, and you can find them in the champion guides. You can familiarize yourself with the cost so you can prepare the right amount to buy them before you return to base for them. Knowing the price index makes you efficient when you decide to make a purchase, giving you an upper hand over your opponent.

3) Test Different Characters

LoL has over 140 characters, but it is not wise to stick to one or a few of them. It would be best if you tried as many characters as possible before you reach level five. Trying out different characters enables you to gauge the one best suited for you to play.

Playing with one character can stick you in a rut, which can be frustrating when you get banned out. Playing with different characters also makes the game lively, and it feels like you are playing a new game.

4) Be A Survivor

The battle is for the wisest, and you have to do everything to survive in LoL. If an enemy champion kills you, they get a huge chunk of gold and experience. Dying several times gives your enemy the upper hand and makes them buy powerful gear fast and level up. 

You also lose your championship for some time, which increases as you play the game. Try your best to survive by using champion abilities in your arsenal if you anticipate defeat. If your enemy ganks and catches up, you can try to choose “Flash,” this lets you teleport in any direction for a short distance.

5) Acquaint Yourself With One Position Perfectly

As much as it will be exciting to try different positions, the trick lies in perfecting one position. You will have to play the same position repeatedly until you master it perfectly. You become a competitive player since you understand the moves of champions in a particular position.

6) Understand The Language

As you learn the game, you will discover acronyms used by other players unfamiliar to you. Communicating using shorthand helps save keystrokes, a time-saver giving a player an upper hand in a competitive match. Some terms include MR (Magic Resist,) CC (Crowd Control,) CS (Creep Score,) AFK (Away From Keyboard,) Drag (Dragon,) and Gank (Gang Kill.)

7) Keep Communicating With Your Team

Being in a team means interacting with different personalities. Some will be silent while others are chatty. Even though you do not need group chat, it is essential to call out to each other to notify members of the position you wish to take and announce a missing enemy you have been fighting. Even though not everyone in the team will be responsive, the information is vital, and they benefit from it.

8)  Play The Full Game

The LoL takes about thirty minutes to an hour for it to be through. There is no pause option, which means you will have to be playing for the entire time. If you know you cannot play the full game, it is better to postpone it until you are not occupied.

Also, it is vital to keep distractions at bay when playing because a ringing phone or a switched-on TV is enough to make you err. One second off the screen is capable of making you make a critical mistake and ruin the game. Your team also loses out on a chance of winning, and you could face penalties of waiting for some time before you can start playing again.

Tech Digest Correspondent