5G is Making Gaming Available to Everyone


5G technology is here. And is here to stay. How does it affect the gaming world, and how will gaming, online gaming, and eSports become much more widely available than was the case up until now? Let’s explore.

Advantages of 5G for Gaming

The most obvious advantage 5G has to offer to gaming is much better connection latency. Latency, AKA ping, is the time it takes for a request to be sent to the game server and back again. This means that the lower latency is, the better the game’s responsiveness is. When compared to 4G, latency with 5G goes from 20 milliseconds down to 5 milliseconds. To some, this might not seem so important, but real gamers know that the difference of 15 milliseconds can, in many games, be the difference between the virtual ‘life and death’.

Of course, 5G is very fast in general (probably around 20 times faster than 4G!). This means that with 5G, you will forget the feeling of frustration of wanting to play a game while it’s being slow to download. Simply put, you will be able to play the games you want when you want them, wherever you are.

This kind of speed means that it will also not be necessary to download games at all to be able to play them. Rather, you will be able to play them on stream – thanks to the advantages of the internet speed combined with cloud computing. This means that not only will the games be instantly available to you, but you will also not have to fill up your phone with unnecessary data. On top of that, in case you had any issues with your hardware, you will eventually be able to play games that perhaps wouldn’t run well on your machine.

5G, eSports, and iGaming

From everything stated so far, it is obvious that 5G technology has a lot of potential to change the world of eSports. Finnish professional gamer Joona ”Natu” Leppänen tested gaming on 5G already in 2018 and was very impressed.

“I was truly positively surprised at how fluently everything functioned. After all, we already have high-speed connections, but 5G also seems to function extremely smoothly. In the future, I could see myself playing through a mobile connection. Today, we played Overwatch over a 5G connection, and I did not notice any difference between it and a fixed-line connection. Its latency did not skip, and it felt like a fixed connection”, Natu stated at the time.

This means that with the spread of 5G networks, the ability to participate in the world of eSports will become much more widespread.

This is now being recognized by gamers from all over the world. AtomicMari, or Mari Takahashi, one of the best female gamers in the world today, tried 5G gaming while participating at the Mobile World Congress in LA. These were her impressions:

 “What I notice is that I’m playing Destiny 2, and I’m playing with two other people on my team. And this is a game that is multiplayer with a lot of mobs and enemies that come out and anything in that type of game would cause a lot of latency problems. And what I know is that I haven’t seen any latency problems. And that is so dope.”

On the other hand, greater online game availability and server stability will also affect the world of iGaming and online casinos. Consider the example of online blackjack where, as per ArabianBetting guidelines, after you choose the online casino and go over the step-by-step of how to play the game, you should be ready to participate in the fast-paced environment of a genuine online blackjack game. Should you feel the need to polish your skills a bit further though, websites like Arabiabnebetting give you the option to play for free for practice as well.

We know that a huge number of people enjoy this game every day – and all of them being constantly connected to the server can easily make it crash from time to time. Just imagine yourself in that situation – you finally cracked the strategy and are at the door of taking some huge winnings, and your connection crashes or the server falls down. Poor scenario, isn’t it? It is clear that considering the great popularity of iGaming, which follows that of the global gaming market, 5G could also be the wind in the back of online gambling games.

The Cloud and the Democratization of Gaming

The spread of 5G networks, and the speed they offer, means that cloud-based gaming will become much more widely available. It is estimated that this year the value of the cloud gaming market will more than double what it was in 2020, and will be worth $1.45 billion.

The crucial advantage cloud-based gaming will offer is the democratization of gaming. No longer will players need to have expensive hardware to play the latest and best games. Any modern smartphone, or any other piece of hardware, will be able to run any game.

5G and cloud gaming will not only make the latest and fastest technology available to everyone, which will have a huge impact on the availability of mobile gaming, they will also radically change the world of eSports.

This means that there will be changes in some of the most important sectors of the entertainment industry today. But, it also means that a career in gaming will be a choice that a much greater number of people can consider from now on.

Only in the years to come, will we be able to completely comprehend the changes we are about to experience. One thing is for sure, they will be deep.

Tech Digest Correspondent