Do Electric Vehicles Cost the Same As Gasoline Driven Cars? 

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“How much does an electric vehicle cost?” This is a valid question. In fact, it may well be the most important question you ask. It is a question that many consumers, especially first-time car purchasers, ask. Unfortunately, they are not always answered. In most cases, they are left with the nagging realization that their new vehicle will not cost as much as their gasoline driven counterpart, even after a long awaited rebate or incentive. Everyone
wants to save money, let’s discuss the different costs. 

There are many factors that will affect the cost of your new vehicle. The major difference between gas and electric powered vehicles is the cost of initial startup. For electric vehicles, this is called the “cash outlay” and for gasoline powered cars, this is called the “gasoline tax”. The cost of ownership for an electric vehicle over a comparable gasoline driven car is about two to three times less than the cost of ownership for a comparable vehicle in the gasoline industry. 

This difference in cost is one of the main reasons that so many people have decided to replace their own vehicles with electric powered ones. Another reason is that electric vehicles offer a sense of safety and freedom that most people recognize as being a benefit of driving a vehicle that is electric. Also, electric vehicles are a better use of energy than gasoline driven cars. They consume much less fuel and run for a longer period of time. 

If you were to compare the cost of purchasing and then operating an electric vehicle versus a gasoline powered vehicle, you would quickly find that there is no comparison. When you factor in all of the incentives available, the final cost is even more so. The incentives for electric vehicles today include manufacturer incentives, tax credits, free installation, rebates and others. Incentives to re-purchase cars with warranties can also help to significantly reduce the cost of the vehicle. 

The final question to ask is how much money will you save on fuel each year? Most people would agree that the cost of owning a gas powered vehicle far outweighs the cost of operating an electric powered vehicle. Electric vehicles use much less gasoline and they produce minimal emissions. These two factors combined will help you save money on fuel costs. 

Gasoline is a petroleum product that is expensive to produce. It also is a product that is difficult to dispose of. Diesel is a natural product that is very affordable. Both of these fuels are cleaner burning than gasoline, which means they produce fewer pollutants and they cost less to use for each gallon of fuel that you purchase. This means that they actually cost less over time to run your vehicle. 

The biggest consideration when asking, “How do electric vehicles cost the same as gasoline driven cars?” is how much you will spend on maintenance. Electric vehicles require very little maintenance. As long as you take good care of your vehicle, there will be very few, if any, maintenance costs involved with owning an electric vehicle. This is not true for gasoline powered vehicles. 

Even with maintenance, every car has the usual wear and tear. You can consider purchasing an extended auto warranty to cover costs. A mechanical breakdown can occur on an electric vehicle or a gasoline powered car so be sure to take the stress and worry out of that. You may be wondering “How much is a warranty on a used car?” It all depends on the make and model of the vehicle, and the year of the vehicle.

In conclusion, “How do electric vehicles cost the same as gasoline driven cars?” depends on your fuel costs, the size of the vehicle, how well it is maintained, how much you use it, and other factors. There really is no answer to this question. As you can see, it is impossible to give a single answer. 

A better question might be “How much will it cost to replace a vehicle that runs on electricity?” The cost of the electricity to power the vehicle would be included in this cost. In some cases, you may save money by using alternative fuels in place of gasoline. In this case, you would not incur any fuel cost either. 

So, how much does an electric powered vehicle cost? This will depend largely on how well your vehicle is maintained, how much you drive it, and how much gasoline you use. If you drive it less than the average person, you will save money. If you use more gasoline than the average person, you may save money. 

The bottom line is “How do electric vehicles cost the same as gasoline driven cars?” There is no easy answer here. You will have to study all the factors that make these vehicles cost what they do.

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